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Corona … Tunisia bans gatherings, and Britain and France record a record increase

Tunisia decided to ban all gatherings and reduce working hours due to the spread of the Corona virus in the country, while Britain and France recorded a record increase in the number of daily virus infections, and India announced that the victims had reached more than 100 thousand deaths.

Yesterday, Saturday, Tunisian Prime Minister Hisham El Mechichi said that the government will ban all gatherings and reduce the working hours of public sector employees, in order to stop the rapid spread of the virus.

“The authorities decided to amend the timing of work in public administrations and institutions by adopting the one-share system and the team system, and banning all gatherings and demonstrations due to the risks they carry from infection with Covid-19,” Tunisia Africa News Agency quoted El-Meshichi as saying.

Fears and public isolation

The decision was taken amid severe concerns that hospitals in Tunisia will not be able to accommodate a large number of patients due to a shortage of intensive care beds.

The total number of Coronavirus cases in Tunisia jumped to more than 20,000, compared to about 1,000 before the border reopened on June 27.

In a speech announcing the latest measures to combat the virus, al-Meshishi said that he had given orders to the governors of Tunisia to implement general isolation measures in their governorates if necessary.

But he added that “there is no way to return to the comprehensive quarantine system that was previously adopted to confront the first wave of the epidemic,” due to the unprecedented economic collapse resulting from these measures last March.

The Tunisian government also decided to amend the work system on the basis of one share, and to reduce working hours in public administrations to reduce overcrowding on transportation, and at the same time to allow “the rest of the production forces in various economic sectors” to continue working.

The government re-imposed curfews on Thursday evening in the coastal states of Sousse and Monastir, as well as in areas around Sidi Bouzid in the country, with the suspension of work in the weekly markets.

Tunisia – with a population of about 12 million people – almost contained the epidemic at the end of last June and lifted most of the restrictions during the summer, but the number of confirmed cases now exceeds 20 thousand, including about 300 deaths.

The government intends to increase the oxygen beds from 400 in the public sector to more than 1,200, and from 150 currently in the private sector to more than 700 at the end of this October, as well as increasing the recovery beds allocated to Corona patients in the public sector from 95 currently to 220, And in the private sector, from 100 to 200 by early November.

Record increase in Britain

In Britain, the authorities recorded 12,872 new cases of the virus on Saturday, in a record daily increase of almost twice over the previous day, when 6,968 cases were recorded, which is higher than the previous record that was recorded last Tuesday by 7,143 cases.

Britain is now conducting more than 200,000 tests to detect Corona, and at the beginning of the epidemic, the number was less than 100,000.

In Ireland, the health authorities said that the country is witnessing a “significant increase” in the number of cases, after recording the highest daily number of daily infections since late April.

Ireland, like most European countries, has witnessed a steady increase in infections since the end of last July, and restrictions have tightened as a result, as it banned eating in all closed restaurant lounges and stopped most flights to and from the capital Dublin.

The new cases registered yesterday, Saturday, which amounted to 613, were the highest number of daily infections since late April, when the country was still in complete general isolation.

Ireland has recorded more than 100 injuries per 100,000 people during the past two weeks, ranking 16th in the highest rate of corona infection out of 31 European countries monitored by the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

India has reached more than 100,000 deaths due to Corona virus (Reuters)

France and India

In turn, France announced yesterday, Saturday, about 17 thousand new cases of Coronavirus, setting a new record in the number of daily infections, an increase of about 5 thousand cases from the previous day.

The Ministry of Health said that the total number of cases rose to 606,625, after 16,972 new cases were registered, which is more than the previous record recorded last week, which reached 16,96.

The number of deaths rose to 32,198, after 49 new deaths were recorded. 4,087 new cases of infection were recorded for people who were hospitalized during the past seven days, of whom 849 were in intensive care units.

In India, the number of deaths from the virus exceeded 100,000 on Saturday, according to official figures. And the Ministry of Health figures showed that 100 thousand and 842 people have died so far from the virus in the country, which is the third highest death toll in Corona in the world after the United States and Brazil.

In terms of injuries, India recorded 6.47 million cases, and is about to surpass the US death toll (7.3 million injuries).

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