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Corona vaccine aims to control and monitor the people of the world

The statements of the President of the Unified Socialist Party of Morocco Nabila Munib regarding the emerging coronavirus vaccine have sparked controversy on social media platforms, as she said that the vaccines being prepared to confront the Corona pandemic fall within the procedures of the major world powers to impose a new world order and control the rules of organizing peoples.

Mounib added, in a speech during a webinar organized by the Moroccan Association for Human Rights on the occasion of the International Day of Democracy yesterday, Wednesday, that “the pandemic exposed politicians working behind the scenes, and therefore today we see a declared desire to vaccinate all peoples against the epidemic in order for pharmaceutical companies to reap profits.”

The Moroccan politician considered that seeking to vaccinate the people of the world “is not for the purpose of protecting them from disease, but rather in order to monitor and control them. Therefore, more than 3 billion people have been placed under quarantine restrictions, which led to an economic decline and a major social crisis.”

According to Muneeb, whose party embraces the leftist ideology, what the world is currently witnessing is an “attempt to control the rules of organizing peoples by private sector institutions.” The systematic demolition of health and education services, which the world badly needed in the time of Corona.

The head of the Moroccan Left Party concluded that the economic difficulties resulting from the pandemic will lead to two scenarios, the building of a new world order and imposing dictates on the countries of the world, or the resistance of peoples to regain their sovereignty, restore the value of political action and build democratic systems.

Nabila Munib’s statement sparked a great deal of interaction on Moroccan communication sites, especially Facebook, and most of the responses were critical and some of them were sarcastic about what was said by the Moroccan politician, as some of them saw that her talk about the goal behind the Corona vaccines is “unfounded”, while Others saw that her words were very logical, considering that a new international order would be born.

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