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Coronavirus: Ban wildlife markets to prevent future pandemics, says UN biodiversity chief – ‘The message we are getting is if we don’t take care of nature, it will take care of us,’ Elizabeth Maruma Mrema says

Coronavirus: Ban wildlife markets to prevent future pandemics, says UN biodiversity chief – ‘The message we are getting is if we don’t take care of nature, it will take care of us,’ Elizabeth Maruma Mrema says

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  2. Not just wildlife. Remember the swine flu and bird flu? Factory farming is also a source for these pandemics.

  3. Chinese government is gonna “ban it” but won’t actively go out and enforce it guaranteed

  4. Banning Asian wildlife markets and not banning [Western abuse of antibiotics](https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/how-drug-resistant-bacteria-travel-from-the-farm-to-your-table/) in factory farming (about which epidemiologists have been rising the loudest alarms for years now) is quite hypocritical.

    Ban both, or we’ll have much worse than COVID-19 in the future.

  5. > “lol, no.”

    * China


  6. People don’t want to hear it, but animal agriculture has been some part of so many viruses in so many different ways, and we aren’t even talking about the antibiotic resistance being built up by all the shit we pump into cows, chickens and pigs. Stop the wildlife markets most definitely, but that’s not even close to enough. Animal agriculture is not sustainable. End of story.

  7. The world needs to have a sit down about China like they did with Germany after WW1.

    Edit: I meant WW2. Sorry lack of sleep.

  8. Yes but we should also rethink wether huge pig and chicken farms are such a great idea because both can technically produce nasty diseases aswell.

    Also all of those farms use massive amounts of antibiotics which is absolutely fucked up.


  9. Why are clowns pretending that there’s precisely zero difference between eating a pasture raised sheep inspected closely by a vet for disease and eating a random ass wild animal stacked below other shit-dripping cages? Do they thing covid-19 came from cows or something?

  10. Are they not already “banned”?

  11. That picture is fucking terrible, the poor creature can’t even move. Fuck these wildlife markets and anyone who shops at them.

  12. Who is this we and can someone point me to a wet market here in the contential US?

  13. There is so much misconception when it comes to wildlife. Some people believe that “civilized countries” don’t consume wildlife and only China does. This is false and wildlife trading is a global problem.

    See this report done by Traffic org which is extremely insightful.


    There’s a list of countries where wildlife is exported to for consumption. Think US and EU don’t consume wildlife?

    >The statistics for terrestrial fauna in trade are revealing; examples of historical trade data for reported legal trade gives some insight into the magnitude of transactions, including: • between 180 million and 1 billion wild-caught Asian frogs were exported annually from Indonesia to Europe and USA over a decade from 1998–2007;
    > The European Union and the USA are the world’s largest importers of frogs’ legs for the gourmet food industry (Carpenter et al., 2007; Altherr, 2011).

  14. I agree that this should have already been illegal but I’m not sure people will follow suit until they find a way to feed or pay them in equal value. It took the government offering to buy refined sewage oil from poor people for more than they would earn using it to make food before they could finally get that issue under control.

  15. That thought had crossed my mind. We’re not smarter than the System.

  16. Not that we are talking about anyone in particular but we are definitely talking about someone in particular

  17. Looking at you Xinnie the Pooh.

  18. Yeah, let’s ban it like we’ve banned whaling because that stops outlier countries from doing it.

  19. Yeah, the Romans even had a saying for that.

    You can drive Nature out with a Pitchfork….but she’ll always come back.

    We came from Her…not the other way around. We are part of Nature just as much as every other living thing on the planet. We are not separate from Her as some seem to believe or act. Nature, in order to be controlled, must be Obeyed. Once we think we can make our own rules she’ll come and rip you a new one real quick!

  20. * Ban wildlife markets (China, COVID-19)
    * Ban pig farming (North America, H1N1)
    * Ban pig farming (UK?, 1918 Spanish Flu)
    * Ban cow farming (UK, Mad Cow and human transmissable vCJD)
    * Ban sheep farming (UK, scabies, possible precursor to vCJD)
    * Ban deer hunting (US, CWD, potential to transmit to humans)

    Can’t we just start switching over to plant-based alternatives now and be done with this madness forever?

    Beyond Pork, Beyond Beef, Beyond Wool, Beyond Pangolins.

  21. Just going to post below the list of items that you can buy at the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market where the COVID-19 virus started according to Wikipedia.

    Give the list a look if you have not yet.

    This market is the size of your average football stadium and has 1000+ vendors.

    Since COVID-19 is the second pandemic out of this type of market please allow me the honor of saying a very hearty FUCK YOU if you ever buy or sell live exotic meat for bullshit medical practice and I would like to extend this hearty FUCK YOU to the Chinese government for allowing this practice to continue through today.

    Emmental cheese[26]
    Giant salamanders[3]
    Rabbit organs[29]
    Snakes (including Bungarus multicinctus)[30]
    Spotted deer[29]
    Wolf puppies[3]

  22. What is this “we” shit? It always comes out of southern China and has for hundreds, if not thousands of years. They just refused to change. Eating live frogs of the fucking floor and frying dogs alive right next to the pen. This is a them issue, not a we one.

  23. Something I’ve never understood about people in the illegal animal trade and poachers is why they are so uncaring to the damage they cause to ecosystems and entire species. Do they know what they’re doing has obvious consequences? If there’s a Hell, they are going straight there when they die

  24. Controversial opinion: purge those bat caves with hellfire.

  25. And in a few months we will go back to doing the same shit. And continue to deny climate change.

    Y’all think this is bad? Wait for climate change. No vaccine for that.

  26. But some people are idiots and as a species we have short memories. Humans seem determined to push their own self destruct buttons.

  27. Well nature better hurry up bc there’s a lot of us to wipe out.. I’m all for it. We don’t respect nature, we are conditioned and forced to believe we need this economy to survive.

  28. What the fuck am I looking at on a Monday morning. Do I need a flight to wherever this is?

  29. cmon nature, be swift with us!

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