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Coronavirus crisis: Underpaid, overstretched nursing staff demand more than applause

Coronavirus crisis: Underpaid, overstretched nursing staff demand more than applause

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  1. PPE? Hazard pay? Quarantine accommodation so they don’t put their families at risk?

  2. There’s a whole psychology thing behind the hero wording. Meaning, if they die, they are martyrs. If they don’t get paid, they are selfless etc…

  3. > But will the public remember when it’s all over?

    The public *will* remember. However, the heads of the hospitals don’t care what the public thinks.

  4. Actually that would make a perfect The Onion title: “Underpaid, overstretched nursing staff demand more applause”.

  5. When summer comes, people go down in amount of beds that are available since people are on vacation. This does NOT mean that people are less sick wich ofcourse means same amount of patients in the ER waiting for a bed but no beds available. This in turn leads to the higher ups demanding more beds to be opened and staff to work extra shifts to make sure the extra amount of patients get the care they need. After all is done and done and summer is over, alot of the staff have worked a shitton of extra hours. How de we get repayed? We get 2 fucking CAKES to share during our lunchbreak. Yeah.. the higher ups are gonna do jackshit after this is over.

  6. There’s a surprise… The thought of clapping really bugged me, I’m sure the health survices feel the same, they’d rather have help, funding and the protection they deserve than an applause.

  7. Same thing with people working overnight shifts to make masks, the grocery store workers without protection working for minimum wages, the lab workers testing 12 hours a day 7 days a week, but their managers get bonuses.

    We’re asking for heroes but won’t stay home, or we’re worried about the economy. I work two of those jobs I listed, will I have them both in 6 months? I doubt it. I hear all the time how grateful people are, but that doesn’t get us very far.

  8. I would like to hope that we don’t forget this crisis the next time we vote, but maybe I’m hoping for too much.

  9. It’s really getting on my fucking nerves that people think clapping on their doorstep is making a difference somehow. Dancing in your front garden isn’t helping either.

  10. The public will remember the amazing work of our NHS, it won’t stop them voting to destroy it though.

  11. Thoughts and prayerrrs

  12. I am extremely surprised that the healthcare workers really let this do to them.

    In their shoes I already would have quit or at least sticked strictly to 8hours work per day. After all they would have an quite nice negotiation position at the moment.

  13. everybody wants compensation, but who’s gonna pay? nooooooooooobody

  14. Carers in the UK are mostly on minimum wage or slightly above as are the cleaners which is somewhere in the region of 16-18k a year. Its pretty disgusting. The low paids are outsourced and skinned alive.

  15. Nurses are not the only hospital employees risking their lives right now.

  16. > Underpaid

    But it’s the glorious capitalism, the nurses are just getting what their work deserve, right?

  17. Government exploiting and underpaying workers? *gasp*

  18. Capitalism says ” Be thankful you have a job”

  19. Someone give these people like a huge bonus. Money is made up shit so what’s it gonna hurt to compensate them. I cant make them a God but I can sacrifice like $1/hr to pay them hazard pay for taking care of us

  20. It’s weird that I heard about nurses being underpaid, because the ones I know work 3-4 days maximum and bring home $70-80K before OT. That seems to be pretty well paid with just a bachelors.

  21. What you mean the shoddy PR stunt didn’t work?

  22. I read the headline quickly and wondered why they were getting apple sauce in the first place.

  23. Hospitals are the issue. In the past 10 years they have gone from independent, patient-focused institutions to these behemoth, for-shareholder, regional business who happen to treat sick people. Doctors, nurses and all all healthcare providers are all there to make the shareholders and administrators money all under the guise of altruism. It’s the biggest emperor’s clothing I have ever seen and on top of it all, they are going to get government funding that will not go to those folks risking their lives.

  24. Duh. Duh duh duh duh. Duh

  25. I don’t know what nurses expect. Fine you’re a fucking hero, marter, you walk hand in hand with jesus. It’s obvious you shit gold and need to be worshiped.

  26. Plus some hospitals are cutting their pay up to 25% as they ask them to come in to work more and risk their lives, and their family members’ lives in the process

  27. This smells like bullshit to me. Maybe he’s taking a play out of Trump’s book and just making it up.

  28. Well, clearly the solution is Medicare for all because these health care workers would be much happier working for a government paycheck.

  29. I have a hard time feeling bad for nurses, now, or ever.

    1) You had a somewhat clear understanding of the role prior to choosing the profession

    2) You make a very livable wage from early on in career

    3) Overstretched? All nurses I know love overtime and the additional income. OT is great when you want it, but terrible now?

    Most people would kill for the opportunity to be a nurse with a livable wage.

    You can’t love it when it’s good and throw a pity party when it’s bad. Take the good with the bad.

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