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Coronavirus: Italy death toll passes 10,000

Coronavirus: Italy death toll passes 10,000

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  2. Worried about India at this point. No one knows what is brewing up here.

  3. First numbers were so low it didn’t seem real. Now the numbers are so big, it doesn’t seem real either.

  4. Trying to be positive in this shitty situation, new case infections are more of a leading indicator, deaths lag by around 2 weeks.

    The nationwide lockdown started on March 9th, taking into account delays in results, 14 day incubation period, and people messing around in the first few days of the lockdown, we should start seeing some big drops in new infections around now.

    New case infections as a % of tests:

    March 21: 24.90% (6,557/26,336)

    March 22: 22.08% (5,560/25,180)

    March 23: 28.06% (4,789/17,066)

    March 24: 24.42% (5,249/21,496)

    March 25: 18.96% (5,210/27,481)

    March 26: 16.80% (6,153/36,615)

    March 27: 18.02% (5,959/33,019)

    March 28: 16.85% (5,974/35,447)

    Source: https://github.com/pcm-dpc/COVID-19/blob/master/dati-andamento-nazionale/dpc-covid19-ita-andamento-nazionale.csv

    Still trending downwards but it would be nice if it went down faster.

  5. What Italy and Spain are going through in this pandemic is just heartbreaking, the whole world is affected and bleeding but those two are up on a whole new level of suffering.

  6. Italy here, I’m in it right now.

    There’s at least a 10% more deaths not recorded as covid because it’s happening in nursing homes.

  7. I know the population in Italy is old but it’s still so strange that the number of cases and death rate is so high

  8. Rest in peace to all those lost around the world.

  9. I fully expect some sort of worldwide national day of remembrance for this.

  10. > Post about Italy

    > Half the comments are about the US again

    Thanks, /r/worldnews.

  11. Idiots still out here like “the flu is worse”

    Edit: to those trying to convince me the flu is worse…
    No one is dismissing the severity of the flu. But using the flu to MINIMIZE covid-19 is idiotic.

  12. Im trying to imagine the last moments of all of these people, since many dont get a ventilator does that mean people are laying in beds struggling to breath in front of docs and nurses who are unable to help???? Its horror just thinking about such moments let alone be one of those people suffering or one of the med workers..

  13. Has anyone noticed that the mortality rate of the virus in Italy is nearly 9%?

    Why is this? Hope Italy recovers soon.

  14. So there is no way China still has the same number of infected and dead since say February??!!!!

  15. How does this compare to something like the plague at its peak?

  16. oct-jan 2019 flu season took 240 italians.

    “just like the flu”, “no worse then a bad cold”, “this will go away”.

  17. Maybe hindsight is 20/20 but it was not a comparison do it just before Italy. I have seen Italian doctors pleading on bbc and channel 4 asking UK to take measures prepare for it. They knew where UK was headed and so did government, they knew people how difficult to shut down london and underground.
    Everyday we get new improvements all should have announced the same day not in trickles. All I’m saying should have listened to experts when we knew where copying Italy would lead us.

  18. Welp, that guy on Rogan predicted 480,000 deaths, here we go

  19. From the future:

  20. Honest questions for those who believe people are over-reacting:

    1. How many deaths do you think there will actually be from this total by the end of the year (in your country and in the world)?

    2. How many deaths would it have to be for the current measures to NOT be considered overreacting?

    (These are meant as honest questions. The mortality numbers and predictions seem to be all over the place because of a lack of testing.)

  21. All-cause mortality associated with seasonal influenza in Italy is about 15,000 per year. Covid deaths should easily pass that mark — and that’s *with* the unprecedented mitigation strategies being implemented.

  22. Who the fuck labeled this wholesome??

  23. A lot of people ask why Italy has been hit so hard. I lived there for awhile and I believe the reason is culture. where I was the elderly lived with other family generations. One household may have 3 or even 4 generations within. I saw very few nursing homes unlike other countries where the elderly can be quarantined. A teen within the house may be infected, show no signs and infect the rest of the household. Furthermore, Italy has an older populace which would explain the higher mortality rate as well.

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