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Coronavirus: Queen to urge ‘self-discipline and resolve’

Coronavirus: Queen to urge ‘self-discipline and resolve’

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  1. Yeah right, tell that to all the people who lost their jobs and are quickly running out of money with no solution in sight. Or those who are forced to work and risk their lives just so they can afford to live.

    One thing the coronavirus has done is show just how out of touch these rich folks are with the rest of society.

  2. I normally don’t like saying people should donate money to stuff (esp if I haven’t), but it’s *the Queen of England*: doesn’t she have a little to spare to show her support? It’s a bad political move, in any case (or it would be for someone other than the Queen, I guess).

  3. Self-discipline == keep calm

    Resolve == carry on

    Real original of her.

  4. Says the billionaire safe from any and all impact. STFU.

  5. It’s easy to have “self-discipline and resolve” when you have billions at your fingertips and a legion of devoted servants doing everything for you.

    Good grief, any more of this bullshit and I might awaken my inner Robespierre.

  6. Brits: ooh turn that shit off, its sunny out.

  7. I think those values are the wrong ones to have in a crisis. A crisis requires thinking quickly on one’s feet, not being an obedient cog in a mechanism.

  8. Queen to say: “Stay at home you dumb mofos!”

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