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Coronavirus: World Health Organisation reverses course, now supports wearing face masks in public

Coronavirus: World Health Organisation reverses course, now supports wearing face masks in public

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  1. It’s not a complete reversal of their stance.

    > The WHO added that surgical masks should be reserved for medical professionals, while the public should use mainly cloth or home-made face coverings.

  2. Reddit did a good job of crowd sourcing masks benefit vs. consequences and was ahead of the news on masks.

    Important to remember that it does not protect you from the virus and it is more to prevent spread. It’s important to assume you have the virus (without the anxiety) until this passes and act accordingly outside of your immediate family or roommates/partners/etc.

  3. Oh, did China give them permission?

  4. It’s this on again off again confusion that will drive people to tune out information from the government and world health organizations. The world has lost its rudder even before the storm hits its high point. Humans don’t act, they react.

  5. They probably did this so there wasn’t a mad rush to buy and use all the masks on the planet by people that were in no danger rather than those medical professionals on the front lines.

  6. It’s not so much reversing course, it’s adjusting to new information.

    It’s impossible to know the exact characteristics of a novel disease while it’s still in its initial course. The doctors are giving us their best advice based on what they know when they know it. That’s their entire goal.

    Edit: immunology graduate study at the university of Chicago, basic “common” sense.

  7. Did China say it was ok lol who is bought and paid for by china

  8. I don’t listen to retards. I listen to taiwan, Singapore, and South Korea

  9. The WHO has been terrible during this outbreak. Licking China’s feet, not providing information to Taiwan, having inaccurate guidelines, the list goes on.

    I’m prepared for the downvotes from Chinese sensors.

  10. The WHO took cues from the CDC and didn’t want to contradict their biggest donor.

  11. (Conspiracy) WHO helped China gathering huge amount of masks by lying to the rest of the world. And China is now making huge profit from selling unreasonably expensive masks to Europe and America.

  12. British Government daily coronavirus briefing friday:
    ” I was talking to a professor at Hong Kong university. All his colleagues and I agreed face masks are unnecessary”
    ” The government does not advise the public wearing face mask”

    Or this article that states:

    On Friday, a group of University of Hong Kong researchers published an article in Nature saying that their research indicated that surgical masks could prevent transmission of human coronaviruses and influenza viruses from symptomatic people.

    Its a virus. it has to get into the body. Nose and Mouth, possibly eyes, unlikely to be anus. So you pop a few layers of plastic and cloth over your nose and mouth, it can no longer travel from your hands to your mouth as a barrier exists. Someone please explain this to the british government, who’s advice on no face masks for the public will cause millions more infections.

    If they want to ban n95 sales, that is OK. but a nation wearing 3 ply surgical masks and maybe we would be heading the direction of Thailand, Singapore or other asian nations…. instead of our current trajectory to the stars.

  13. In other news WHO announced they have enough masks stock piled for their own personal use…so everyone needs to wear them.

    Honestly wtf listens to anything the WHO says now?

  14. They anted to fuck every country in the planet didn’t thy? Yes!! Why would thy be motivated to do this?? Hmmm .

  15. The Who is now no more trustworthy than the country bumpkins who are sprouting non-sense like the virus comes from 5G towers (well…maybe a shade more)

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