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‘Could you live on $170 a month?’ Russian woman asks Putin

‘Could you live on $170 a month?’ Russian woman asks Putin

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  1. Jokes aside no person that have not been pre-approved and have her questions pre-cleared has any chance to get anywhere near Putin. Even among “random encounters”.So she’ll be fine and probably get her next rank in a near future.
    P.S.: here is and example of the same “random peoples” around him in a four months and several hundred klometers in distance

  2. And then Putin shot her in the face and all her financial issues disappeared.

  3. The reason Russia is poor because they have a parasital elite class that controls the economy and wants to keep it as simple as possible to ensure their control over it. There’s no reason Russia on paper should not be an absolute monster economically yet it’s GDP is on par with Italy.

  4. Putin is probably the richest man in the world. He’s way beyond the concept of the price of anything.


  5. The weird thing is that yes, he could. He doesn’t need to pay rent (because he *owns* palaces and shit), probably has enough clothes to last a lifetime, and can get free food in 100 different ways.

    Being rich really helps with being poor.

  6. Putin is widely considered the wealthiest person in the world with an unofficial 200 billion dollars net worth.

  7. She’s going to disappear soon but I admire her ovaries.

  8. > “I think it’s very hard,” Putin said quietly in video footage posted by Russian media.

    > “Your pay is probably about 800,000 rubles, I imagine,” she says.

    > “Well yes,” Putin says, while adding that some in Russia earn far more and “the president doesn’t have the highest salary.”

    > “Of course you are right, we still have a lot of social problems that the government has to solve,” he said.

    > “Why don’t you solve them then?” the woman retorted.

    > “We are solving them,” Putin said.

    lol we think of Putin as some eloquent speaker when really he fumbles around as much as Boris Johnson or Scott Morrison. He’d be torn alive if he had to face media and scrutiny like in any democratic country.

    Also 800k rubles is about 12k USD. I’m sure Putin makes far more than that a month.

  9. Putin is the wealthiest person in the world due to agreements the oligarchs made with him when he began capturing power. He’s not going to listen, I wish more Russians realized this, but you can do a lot of damage to your populace and remain popular when you control the media in your country.

  10. Putin:(speaking in Russian)”yes, of course I can” while giving the signal to have the kgb inject her with poison.

  11. to think some nut shot JFK yet today people like Putin, trump, Kim, etc. walk around like they’re untouchable.

  12. A lot of jokes here, yeah, it’s hilarious to mock someone who has to decide between food or medicine, really funny stuff…it’s always ok, until it’s you that’s on the receiving end…

  13. “Give a woman $170 a month, and she will struggle and complain.

    Give a woman a bullet in the head, and she will never complain again.”

    ~ old Russian proverb

  14. Could you live without air? Replys putin

  15. Because he’s so rich I don’t think Putin has any sense of what $170 is at this point. It’s like Bill Gates trying to guess the prices of things on Ellen Degeneres’ show but if Bill Gates was running the economy of the largest country on earth.

  16. Did she fall out of a window afterwards

  17. Putin reduced the pension benefits of the elderly in Russia only a couple years ago. Perhaps when he says “we are working on it,” Putin means that he is planning to cut her disability benefits further, rather than increasing them?

  18. I can barely eat on that.

  19. ‘I bet your pay is 800,000 rubles’ (~12k USD)

    Lady, it’s probably 10,000X that amount. Putin may actually be one of the richest men in the world. He wore sweats pants that cost 12k in a workout video.

  20. Tomorrow headline: Coronavirus kills one in Russia

  21. Y’all are getting $170 a month?

  22. Annnd, unfortunately she was the first death from Coronavirus in Russia and all her associates are now in quarantine…..

  23. Could you even imagine if he’d said “yes”? Just like that she’d have no argument!

  24. [Putin will remember that].

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