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Court Reinstates Order for Russia to Pay $50 Bln Over Yukos

Court Reinstates Order for Russia to Pay $50 Bln Over Yukos

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    > THE HAGUE, Netherlands – In a major legal defeat for the Russian government, a Dutch appeals court on Tuesday reinstated an international arbitration panel's order that it should pay $50 billion compensation to shareholders in former oil company Yukos.

    > The state launched "a full assault on Yukos and its beneficial owners in order to bankrupt Yukos and appropriate its assets while, at the same time, removing Mr. Khodorkovsky from the political arena," the arbitrators said.

    > The Russian Justice Ministry said the Hague appeals court "Ignored the fact that ex-shareholders of Yukos weren't bona fide investors," noting that "They had won control of the company assets through unlawful actions, including collusion and bribing officials.”

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