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Covid-19 coronavirus: UK Prime Minister ‘on oxygen’ after being hospitalised

Covid-19 coronavirus: UK Prime Minister ‘on oxygen’ after being hospitalised

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  1. All the medical attention he must receive, and it’s still getting worse. I don’t get why anyone would fuck around with this.

  2. There’s no source on the update. The NZ Herald are quoting the Daily Mail as their source (notoriously awful reputation for sensationalist headlines and a lack of sources). The Daily Mail are saying

    >” He is thought to have been treated with oxygen, and is likely to have tests on white blood cell count, and liver and kidney function, according to doctors.”

    No source, only speculation. Clicks = cash. Just look at their awful website.

    Regardless, I wish him and anyone else a speedy recovery.

  3. Doc here

    I get how this looks. He’s having some worsening symptoms. But the honest statement is we just have no idea what’s going on.

    People get put on oxygen ALL THE TIME at hospitals. He had a respiratory disease. Even healthy people are getting short of breath with this

    For me, him being moved to ICU which is a sign intubation is possibly on the horizon would be a major sign he’s heading down a bad path.

    If intubated, 80% mortality rate is most recent stats I’ve heard

    Regardless of your thoughts on him, let’s hope he recovers. Nothing good will come of him dying

  4. He didn’t believe in the virus but the virus believed in him.

  5. He already sounded quite bad in his latest speech. Hopefully this does not go too far.

  6. I strongly disagree with his policies, but genuinely wish him (and all stricken with C19) a full recovery.

  7. Seeing as Raab or Gove might be up next if something untoward happens, I wish BoJo a speedy recovery.

  8. Being put on oxygen is concerning, but there’s still a good chance he’ll pull through. If he’s ever put on a ventilator, government reassurances will mean very little.

  9. He didn’t took it seriously first, mentioned shaking hands with COVID-19 patients during media briefing. Hopefully he learned it his lesson. I wish him speed recovery and lead like true leader or if he thinks things are going out beyond his control, better resign.

  10. All criticisms aside, losing the leader of a country to this virus will be catastrophic.

  11. I hope he gets better soon. It doesn’t seem right calling him a useless cunt when he’s ill.

  12. Is this the same guy that didn’t take this seriously and let everyone get infected because “herd immunity”?

  13. You don’t “give oxygen to monitor saturation.” They clip a monitor to your finger to monitor oxygen saturation. If they need to know other blood gases (CO2) they draw blood.

    The spin here needs to stop – the man is actually, truthfully, quite ill if he’s in the hospital.

  14. TASS said about it yesterday, and the reaction of the official was: “Well, either Moscow has some amazing source or it’s some epic huge lie”.

  15. Lost weight and looks like shit. Not good.

  16. Grim question, but who’s next in line and how does his/her policies compare?

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