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COVID-19: German official accuses US of ‘modern piracy

COVID-19: German official accuses US of ‘modern piracy

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  1. They also are trying to do this to Singapore:


  2. The US is a terrorist state and must be treated as such by the rest of the world.

  3. Germany and the EU blocked medical PPE exports weeks ago so I don’t know what they are whining about now that the US has (finally) done the same. The only country we should be exporting this stuff to is Canada because we are so dependent on each other for a lot of things, being attached at the hip and all. Canada would have a right to be pissed, but Germany? Fuck off

    The shipment was still in GM’s control. As an American company they were obligated to cancel the shipment due to the export ban. Again… Europe instituted this exact same ban almost a month ago, I don’t know why the US is getting trashed now for doing the same. Canadians may commence flaming away though 🙁

  4. We ordered this shit in February and when it was finally able to be shipped from honk Kong I think, America said it’s their property even though the masks were produced in China

  5. The bigger problem here is one company producing the majority of masks and is an American country.

  6. US government is disgusting. Zero cooperation and solidarity.

  7. the US isnt the only ones doing it n remember this all started with ccp

  8. I hope trump gets the virus so he can feel what he is doing to others.,,

  9. Why is that still a thing? It was not even true…
    They saud the flight was diverted by computersystem from DHL…

  10. Yarrrrr pillage de masks

  11. The narrative of US being nasty with masks and such has mostly been brought by sites I’ve never seen before or heard of.

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