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COVID-19 May Cause Heart Problems in Those Who Had None Before, Coronavirus Study Finds

COVID-19 May Cause Heart Problems in Those Who Had None Before, Coronavirus Study Finds

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  1. COVID-19 is the gift that just keeps on giving.

    Nurgle is being real generous this real. Too generous!

  2. Stupid and irresponsible article that does nothing but incite panic with an already serious situation. Peer-reviewed? No. Definitive stats to support? Not stated. This is like saying that if you get a sunburn you might come down with a bad case of cancer.

    Yes, we need to take this disease seriously, but not with stupid information like this. More important, look for information that is helping the situation, not fear mongering.

  3. But we thought it was just like flu

  4. As usual, the article gives no figures or percentages on how many people get heart/lung problems from Coronavirus. I hate shit like this, because it just instils fear and panic among the masses. We really need more uplifting statistics on this virus posted daily. Stop obsessing over deaths each day, report more on recovery. Inform people of the dangers by all means, but reassure people the chances of this happening to you is very small.

  5. i gotta stop going on reddit bro i swear to god every single fucking day there’s always some new shit about it what’s next 99% chance of becoming a vegetable

  6. … like getting punched in the head hard enough might cause lingering damage? Go figure.

  7. Can this thing stop getting worse please

  8. So did H1N1. So did the first CoVid SARS virus years ago. This is known and documented that some small percentage of people who are genetically susceptible to these things will have these health effects.

  9. Considering it binds to ACE2 receptors this is no surprise

  10. It’s not uncommon for serious pneumonia cases to result in life long heart problems. I know a few people for whom this is true. A quick google shows this is a well established thing.

  11. COVID-19 damages your blood, so of course it damages the heart pumping it. From the article:

    COVID-19 was associated with heart inflammation and there was a “high prevalence” of cardiac injury in patients hospitalized with the disease.

    But the team noted “the severity, extent, and short-term vs long-term cardiovascular effects of COVID-19, along with the effect of specific treatments are not yet known, and are subject to close scrutiny and investigation.”

  12. Too late COVID-19. I already have heart problems!

  13. Am I in trouble? I’m 25 with a weak heart wall..

  14. Is there not one day where this virus doesn’t do or cause something horrific

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