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COVID-19: Thieves steal 6,000 masks from hospital in Japan

COVID-19: Thieves steal 6,000 masks from hospital in Japan

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  1. It’s crazy how hard it is to find masks at stores in Japan now. I went to 12-15 stores in Tokyo and none sold any masks.

  2. Couldn’t they identify the perps?

  3. One a positive note, the overall chance of you getting the virus in Japan after this theft stays exactly the same because masks don’t do shit because people here touch, adjust, remove, and put them back on almost as often as they look at their smartphones. Effectively rendering what very minute protection these mask offered null.

  4. Movie idea : thieves sneak into quarantine zone to rob a bank

  5. The Japanese masks are selling in China with 600% profit margin and only going up in price since Jan.

  6. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/asia/robber-thieves-steal-6000-hygiene-masks-japan-coronavirus-12446862) reduced by 76%. (I’m a bot)
    > TOKYO: Thieves in Japan have made off with some 6,000 surgical masks from a hospital, with the country facing a mass shortage and a huge price hike online due to the coronavirus.

    > Four boxes containing the face masks disappeared from a locked storage facility at the Japanese Red Cross hospital in the western port city of Kobe, a hospital official said on Tuesday.

    > There has been a shortage of masks at drug stores in the hygiene-conscious nation where face masks have been part of everyday streetwear for decades.

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  7. And in Hong Kong we steal toilet paper

  8. I pointed this out elsewhere and got dowbvoted… but here’s something from the CDC re: non-fit tested masks:


  9. Whoa. Stealing just isn’t a thing in Japan. Even after the earthquake in 2011, nothing. Either they are really freaked out, or since it happened in Kobe, a foreigner stole them

  10. PSA:

    -there is no evidence that plain ol’ surgical surgical* masks do _anything_ at all to stop COVID 19 or any other respiratory infection.

    -their only use is to stop blood flying into the open mouths of surgeons

    -don’t bother with them, they are a waste of money and resources.

    *don’t waste your money on these magic totems- they don’t work. JUST WASH… YOUR… HANDS!*

    (*There _are_ masks that provide limited protection but unless you’re without ANY form of facial hair and have had fit testing done to confirm a decent seal, they are also not particularly useful).

  11. Can’t you just make masks? They shouldn’t be hard to make, it’s not a Halloween costume.

  12. Useless. It it becomes an epidemic the virus will circulate for months, you better have a LARGE personal stash since they are single use (you’re not gonna bring your virus infested mask into your house are you?).

  13. Desperate citizens scavenge 6000 masks…

    fixed it

  14. 6000 Masks. New band name! Called it.

  15. incidentally, 6000 masks now for sale in Wuhan. top Japanese quality! only $100 each!

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