Home / news / Crazed knifeman ‘shouts Allahu Akbar’ before stabbing two people to death and injuring ‘at least seven others’ outside a bakery in France

Crazed knifeman ‘shouts Allahu Akbar’ before stabbing two people to death and injuring ‘at least seven others’ outside a bakery in France

Crazed knifeman ‘shouts Allahu Akbar’ before stabbing two people to death and injuring ‘at least seven others’ outside a bakery in France

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  2. Can religious extremists just go away for a bit? We’ve got other things on our collective mind at the moment, and whatever crusade they’re on isn’t helping.

  3. Even ISIS told you dumbfucks to stay home.

  4. Feels weird when our biggest national worry/threat from 2014-2017 meets our current biggest national worry/threat from 2020. One at a time please guys.

  5. Not “Crazed” its Radicalized.

  6. One more virus we have to deal with…

  7. Too many muslim extremist in France nowadays

  8. “Knifeman” is a weird way to say radical Islamist

  9. Shame they didn’t shoot the cunt on the spot.

  10. I just realised that Social Distancing is the ultimate way of preventing terrorism or at least reducing the total amount of losses from it.
    No more rock concerts for the evil to target.
    Everyone well spaced out.

  11. I heard ISIS told its members to stay away from Europe as the pandemic rages on. Is this guy stupid or what? Doesn’t listen to his leaders.

  12. Not cool. You need to be closer than six feet from someone to be able to knife them. This guy needs to rethink how he does things.

  13. Prosecutors office is determining if it’s related to terrorism. Smh

  14. Can the terrorists please just fuck off for a few months? We can kill you later. We’ve got bigger fish to fry at the moment.

  15. “More people have died in the name of god than have ever truly lived for him”. Forget where that quote comes from but it’s one of the many reasons I became an atheist over the years.

  16. Ah, nice to get back to our normal fucked up stuff if only for a minute

  17. Can they not tell we have more important things to deal with then their stupid little crusade right now?

  18. As a Muslim Everytime you see this. You’re like for fucksake man why couldn’t you just go for jummah prayers get corona and die like the disgrace that you are.

  19. Fucking religious nut jobs.

  20. Some people weren’t practicing social distancing

  21. Really? There’s a pandemic going on which is killing thousands and this guy wants to make a point by killing 2 more. The true definition of stupidity

  22. You should probably keep away from anyone named “Crazed Knifeman”.

    C’mon guys, let’s use our heads here!

  23. How awful that even in this crises there are those who still want to hurt people. 🙁

  24. For real. If that dude wanted to die couldn’t he just go help at a hospital and contract Corona and die eventually while helping people instead of hurting more.

  25. if their “God” is so great!. Why are their people suffering and dying in such huge numbers?.

  26. Ah for fucks sake, give it a rest.

  27. That’s one way to keep people from going out…..unleash the fanatics

  28. Of course the average joe gets fucked over by terrorism when the politicians that created an environment to breed terrorism live far and free from such horror. Why can’t the west just stop meddling in the middle east and giving the ammunition for these pychos to get radicalised? Just fuck the oil and focus on renewables , get this geopolitical game done and over with.

  29. Well that’s one way to get people to stay home in quarantine.

  30. How do people have the energy to commit crimes right now? One disaster at a time please.

  31. Is allahu akbar a type of bread ?

  32. Unfortunately religious fundamentalists are killing more through their ignorant actions spreading the virus than religious terrorists. Fuck all of them!

  33. Anyone have a non-Daily Mail link?

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