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Crazy theories smartly promoted by Trump

The French newspaper Le Figaro said that a conspiracy theory against US President Donald Trump makes him the hero of an incredible story, spreading like wildfire, and behind it is a mysterious party called QAnon.

The newspaper returned to what it considered the beginning of the story, when Trump’s political rise began, driven by various conspiracy theories that he owes to his popularity, when the billionaire took his first steps on the political stage in 2011 by recycling the theory that former US President Barack Obama was not really an American citizen. Question his eligibility for the presidency; Rather, he is promoted as an “anti-regime” figure.

Trump presents himself – according to the newspaper – as an alternative and opponent to the traditional political class, financial and intellectual elites, the mainstream media and the federal bureaucracy, indirectly benefiting from various theories that seek to explain reality through conspiracies hatched in the shadows.

Trump himself has often alluded to vague theses, as he recently hinted that his Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, was surrounded by powerful people “acting in the shadows,” and he hinted at a plane full of black thugs ready to unleash violence during a Republican convention.

Despite that – as the newspaper points out – none of these theses reached beyond the “Keio Annon” theory, which made Trump a hero of an amazing scenario, in which he is the president and leader of a group of patriots fighting against a conspiracy orchestrated within the federal state itself; Some adherents of the theory even argue that Q-Anon could be Trump himself.

People who love our country

Trump commented last August on “Keio Anon,” saying, “I don’t know much about the followers of this movement; however, I knew that they love me very much, and this is what I appreciate. I have heard that these are people who love our country, and don’t like seeing what is really happening in Portland, New York, Chicago, or anywhere else. “

Although the president does not seem aware of the details of “Keio Anon” theses – as the newspaper says – many Republican congressional candidates seem to be attached to it, which creates a direct link between this parallel universe and reality.

The newspaper pointed out that Republican candidate for Congress, Marjorie Taylor Greene, is campaigning by publicly showing her interest in the theories of “Q-Annon”, saying, “He is a person who loves his country very much, and he is with us on the same path, and he is very supportive of Trump.”

Green said that like many Americans, she is “disgusted with the deep state doing everything to get rid of President Trump,” and she caused an uproar when she snapped a photo with an assault rifle and promised to fight “socialists” in Congress.

For his part, described Joe Ray Perkins, who is also a Republican candidate for Congress from the state of Oregon, “Q-Annon” as a “source of information.”

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