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Criminal and absurd … This is how diplomats described Trump’s statement regarding the Grand Renaissance Dam

Dina Mufti, the former Ethiopian ambassador to Cairo and the official spokesperson for the Ethiopian Foreign Ministry, described the US President’s statements regarding the possibility of Egypt bombing the Renaissance Dam as a criminal statement.

In statements to the “Beyond the News” program on (10/24/2020), he stressed his country’s right to use its natural resources, to benefit from them and to achieve the aspirations of the Ethiopian people.

The Mufti added that other countries have no right to dictate their orders to Ethiopia, and I consider it an exaggeration to threaten to blow up the dam of a sovereign state, and there is no force in the world that can stop Ethiopia.

For his part, David Shen, the former ambassador to the United States in Ethiopia, considered that America abandoned its statements about the role of mediator, and this is not the first time that Washington has taken a biased stance towards Egypt, expressing his surprise at Trump’s statements regarding the Renaissance Dam, as America took a provocative stance instead of encouraging the two countries On finding peaceful solutions.

Complicate the crisis
He pointed out that the US statements complicate matters further, as referring to the possibility of blowing up the dam is not in America’s interest, describing the talk about the bombing option as absurd, he said.

In turn, Mounir Adeeb, the Egyptian journalist, went on to say that the American statements regarding the Renaissance Dam had no real place in the Egyptian foreign policy, especially since the Egyptian position was clear and the principles agreement was signed, which stipulates the right of the Ethiopian side to build the dam, but with conditions, stressing that Egypt addresses its problems with Ethiopia through peaceful negotiation without resorting to the military option.

He added that if the matter related to its national security, Cairo would take this decision without referring to any other country, stressing that Egypt wanted to preserve its natural and historical rights and wanted to reach a binding agreement with the Ethiopian side diplomatically.

It is noteworthy that Ethiopia summoned the US ambassador to it and asked him for clarifications for President Donald Trump’s statements, and Addis Ababa informed the ambassador of its dissatisfaction with these statements, which she said might undermine the African Union negotiations on the Renaissance Dam.

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