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Cuba found to be the most sustainably developed country in the world, new research finds

Cuba found to be the most sustainably developed country in the world, new research finds

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  1. The company I work for does a little work in Cuba. Because of the economy and various trade relationships they need to make consumer goods, like cars especially, last a lot longer than they typically would in nations that are quicker to throw things away. Necessity is the mother of invention, and in Cuba sustainability is a necessity.

  2. When Russian subsidies stopped, Cuba’s new society involved a lot of home gardens to grow food and bicycles…

  3. I followed the link in the article and it sends me to [this website](https://www.sustainabledevelopmentindex.org/), which claims the data is from 2015.
    If I search for ‘Sustainable Development Index’ I get [this website](https://www.sdgindex.org/), which has data from 2019. It also has a report from 2015 which has Sweden at number 1.

    What’s going on here? Are these two different, unrelated reports?

  4. TIL that Cuba is regarded as a developed country

  5. The embargo probably had an interesting effect on the metrics they used. When you’re not allowed to tap into globalization you end up being a lot more self sufficient and avoid some large pollution pitfalls.

    Their brand of socialism would also help too since healthcare, life expectancy, and education were major factors considered.

  6. They reuse anything they can find in Cuba.

    I’ve seen cars retooled to run off of Russian tractor parts because that’s all they have.

    The people are incredibly resourceful.

  7. I spent one night in Havana and my clothes reeked of diesel exhaust. All those old 50s era Chevys are powered by 80s era Skoda diesel engines.

    It was also eye opening talking with a student that needed money for a USB stick because it was too expensive and his parents made the equivalent of $30 per month.

  8. > Morning Star: for Peace and Socialism

  9. It’s because they were cut off, they had to figure it out basically. You’d be surprised what Cubans come up with.

  10. I love Cuba. The people are incredibly warm and friendly.

  11. You lock a country out of the world economy for 50 years and *surprise* it’s the country in the world least dependent on world economy.

  12. I’m from Cuba, and I left in 2013, the situation was bad but you can survive, came back this year and the frigging country is in a dire situation. I’m talking from a civilian point of view, the people in high rank of the government have their added covered. So I don’t know what the Fxxx this article it’s talking about.

  13. I stayed in a hostel in cuba a while back.

    The hostel originally had A/C,

    When the one of the A/C units broke they made a hole in the wall between the 2 dorms and put the working A/C unit between those 2 rooms.

    When that A/C unit broke, they just bought lots of small fans.

  14. The methodology used for the paper sucks though. It heavily favors countries that by what ever factor have not been able to develop. So countries where there is not an expectation of private car owner ship, very little public electricity usage through commercial electronic goods, or countries by luck of the draw had a colonial/imperialist past which built some huge hydro project (without any concern for environment destroyed) so that they can avoid an oil/coal based electrical source show up at the top of this list of “sustainably developed”
    The average Cuban would probably be surprised to know that their average per capita GDP is 22000 usd per year which is also a figure that skews the chart towards them. Using these types of numbers also throws off the charts as many oil rich countries that export away most of their carbon and thus inflate the per capita GDP numbers will push up this chart as well without any actual effort at being sustainable.

  15. This article is bullshit to be frank lol

  16. Morning Star is literally a socialist propaganda outlet and the fact that you’re all just gobbling their shit up speaks more about you than anything

  17. I went to Cuba for 5 days in 2016. It was eye opening and a wake up call for how far their country has come, and how far is left to go. From Civil Rights to basic economies (every restaurant has pretty much the same menu because, well, communism) and the fact that two of my cab drivers were former doctors (b/c they get paid the same anyway) I don’t know, I think the culture is beautiful but the country struggles unnecessarily.

  18. Does the analysis include the CO2 emitted by incoming tourists (~5 M) ?

  19. Well when you got embargoed to the high heavens.

    You have to make things meet. Sometimes this means reusing or becoming Mcgyver. Turning a few paperclips into a car engine.

  20. Socialist propaganda rag puts out communist propaganda “study” invented by one random dumbfuck, which also heralds Venezuela as a global leader. Absolute and complete garbage.

  21. Most sustainable now is Venezuela, they even did shut down their entire industrial sector to save the planet.

  22. Website title: Morning Star | For Peace and Socialism

    *Definitely* not going to have an underlying theme here…

  23. Remaining in the fifties turned out to have that advantage.

  24. If you’re poor you’re going to use less resources and have a smaller ecological footprint (although it depends where you live and what jobs are available).

  25. So amazing that the citizens routinely take a pleasure cruise in homemade rafts to flee and spread the good news of Cuba’s sustainable prosperity!

  26. What a joke. This is highly offensive to me as a cuban

  27. I have many Cuban friends and many have told me how shitty the life style of their relatives still living in the island is and how they wish they could come and live in the US.

    Also millions of Cubans have left the country in the last decade and thousands flee every year to this day.

    I don’t know what measurements this article uses but it seems like bullshit.

  28. That is a joke.

    They drive 50 year old cars. Most of the people cannot even have car. Most of the peope cannot travel outside of the world due to poverty.

    Op is obviously a troll.

  29. “Developed”? Is there some alternate Cuba I’m not aware of?

  30. When you don’t let people have anything it’s easy to sustain it.

  31. Sure. Things are so great in Cuba that millions have fled the country since the 1950s and continue to do so to this day.

  32. Yeah well but if you look at the state of development of Cuba you don’t want to switch with them.

    They are overall a poor example.

    BUT it’s one of the cleanest places I have ever been. Right on par with Japan. Because you know what? If you dont have plastic waste flying around and need to take care of your stuff because you can’t get new stuff. That will significantly reduce waste.

  33. Cuba musicians are among the best in the world aswell. Fantastic music.

  34. A great example of how scientists or researchers can manipulate data for a desired headline.

  35. Sustainable as in no actual economy to speak of and therefore the dependency on fossil fuels required to run that economy.

    But hey, Cuba is sustainable. The rest of the world should follow in Cuba’s footsteps and dissolve its economy and plunge thousands into unemployment/poverty like Cuba

  36. This is bullshit propaganda.

  37. If they could use cars and big tractors as they wished, they would.

  38. Something is wrong with the methodology of this study. Venezuela is ranked 12th

  39. Stopped reading when saw Venezuela ranked as #12…


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