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Cyber ​​attacks: Moscow responds to American accusations, and Washington is pursuing an espionage campaign

Russia has again denied its involvement in the widespread cyber-attacks against the United States, and has responded to accusations made by US officials against it. Meanwhile, Washington continues to track presumed spies, and limit the potential damages of those attacks.

The Kremlin said today, Thursday, again that Russia has nothing to do with the cyber piracy that the United States has been subjected to for several months.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that her country does not rule out the accusations against it of being involved in electronic attacks on American institutions as an attempt to prevent President-elect Joe Biden from establishing cooperation with Russia.

Zakharova added that the “media stuffing” – of alleged infiltrations of US government agencies by pirates working for the Russian authorities – has become political routine.

And considered that the US authorities are trying to compensate for the absence of facts, in these attacks, by talking about the Russian impact on them.

At a time when senior US officials, including Secretary of State and Justice Mike Pompeo and William Barr, made explicit accusations to Moscow of being behind the attacks, outgoing President Donald Trump acquitted Russia of this, and hinted that China was the one who carried out the attacks.

Track down spies
Meanwhile, the US Cybersecurity Agency reported that it was tracking a spying campaign it said was affecting networks of state, federal and local institutions, and critical infrastructure entities.

The agency said of the Department of Homeland Security that those activities used the US technology company “Solar Windows” as a springboard to penetrate those networks.

This announcement by the Cyber ​​Security Agency comes after US officials and lawmakers confirmed that the cyber piracy operations that targeted the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Defense, Trade, Energy and federal agencies were extremely dangerous.

At a time when US officials talked about the possibility that the attacks resulted in great damage, including the theft of secrets, Trump played down them, accusing “false media” of exaggeration.

According to US officials, the piracy operations may have started last March and were carried out by professional pirates, and it was perhaps the largest and most dangerous in the history of the United States.

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