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DC Comics Under Fire for Deleting Batman Poster After Chinese Backlash – Variety

DC Comics Under Fire for Deleting Batman Poster After Chinese Backlash – Variety

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  1. >the “dark knight’s” choice of black attire referred to the black-clad Hong Kong protesters

    Batman was wearing black in solidarity with Hong Kong protesters decades before they were ever protesting.

    Who knew?

  2. “The black clothes represent Hong Kong, the mask represents Hong Kong, the Molotov cocktail represents Hong Kong, what else here doesn’t represent Hong Kong???” wrote one angry Weibo comment.”

    Color Revolution has begun. Or rather: Coloring Revolution.

  3. Sooo, basically these Chinese commenters see themselves as the evil Batman is fighting. If you read a comic book, and you have sympathy for the villain, what does that make you? Are you asking us to be sympathetic to villainy? If so, a hearty FUCK YOU applies, and a middle finger extends, for your viewing!

  4. I guess we can add WB to the list of companies on their knees for Emperor Xi.

  5. > They said that the Molotov cocktail alluded to young Hong Kong protesters’ more violent tactics, that the “dark knight’s” choice of black attire referred to the black-clad Hong Kong protesters, and that the “golden child” of the book’s title was a veiled reference to the color yellow, which was taken up by previous pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong five years ago.

    I literally had to scroll up to make sure I wasn’t reading a parody site.

  6. Feckless cowards, the lot of them. Probably only a matter of time before Winnie the Pooh is censored from existence, and kids are just following the adventures of Tigger and Piglet.

  7. Ironic and funny that the makers of superhero movies are the first to bow to authoritarian bullshit like this. Really hoping the hero trend ends sooner than later, sick of being inundated with sanitized movies made for the Chinese market.

  8. I don’t see the poster on this article either…………

  9. This is the slow acclamation of US corporations being censored by China. They’re slowly pushing their agenda to American companies and it is pathetic that money is valued more than rights.

  10. I’m really excited to hear the revisionist history all these corporations come out with when HK wins and they try to pretend they were on the side of freedom all along.

  11. I can’t find the poster anywhere 🙁

  12. So Apple banning certain apps supporting the HK protest, to Dreamworks having the 9 dash line, NBA and their whole debacle, Blizzard and their suspension of the players supporting the HK protest, now DC comics?

    Why don’t all major corporations just have President Xi as their CEO if all these corporations will kowtow to China for anything that China says or asks for money. I guess greed IS good.

  13. I wish Batman was real, imagine superheroes like Batman going to Mainland China and beating up all the CCP soldiers and the government forces there. Don’t shove your CCP bullshit towards everyone else.

    You want to dress in black? You can dress in black, just like Hong Kong Protestors.

  14. China, the thin-skin, insecure, asshole of a world power.

  15. Guys and gals it’s time to streisand effect this poster!

  16. By their logic China is mocking Germany by having concentration camps.

    Israel should definitely call them antisemetic too.

  17. Is appeasement the thing this year?

    Hate to day it but I preferred the theme of a billion celebrities we loved in the 90s abd 80s are monsters. This 2019 appeasement thing is a bit more dangerous than drugged J-E-L-L-O

  18. this shit is really getting stretched. they’re up in arms because of black?

    DC needs to be shamed for cowing to something this petty and contrived. wtf.

  19. Jesus stop pampering this big baby

  20. Hey China, how bout you stop complaining and go make your own fucking movies if everything we do offends you so much.

  21. I believe this is something we will see in coming years as movies are made to sell to a worldwide audience more and more. China and India have massive populations of people and a growing class of people who have access to movies and other mass produced entertainment. We are going to keep seeing studios bend to the desires of these large markets.

  22. Fuck the Chinese in general at this point.

  23. One of these Hong Kong students should really patent that incendiary device. Ya know, before it blows up- I mean gets popular

  24. These thinly stretched delusions were only legitimized by pulling it. Fuck you DC, this is the most pathetic thing I have ever heard of.

    Should have apologized for the low quality and pulled because it’s a dog shit poster. Ugliest poster I have ever seen.

  25. DC don’t got no Tegridy…

  26. Has anyone started an ongoing list of companies that have bent the knee to China?

  27. I couldn’t even get through the whole article I’m so disgusted.

  28. OK everyone. Time to ban all DC products just like you did with your blizzard accounts. Apple done fucked up too, and Google. So most of your phones have to go. Wooo!

  29. Sigh. China, go fuck yourself. Warner Bros, also, go fuck yourselves.

  30. Makes it feel like DC don’t deserve this characters. Sadly marvel won’t be any better since Disney has a history of presenting their assholes to the Chinese overlords.

  31. People are fucking ridiculous.

  32. Welp, it’s china so what do we expect

  33. Oh wow. I originally thought it was because Ra’s al Ghul is of Chinese origin.

  34. I mean there was that time he did extraordinary rendition on a HK citizen and committed a [bajillion other crimes.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nyHn8y6rchk) Suit shill man warning.

  35. Remember Tiananmen Square, now Hong Kong> fuck China!

  36. > “The black clothes represent Hong Kong, the mask represents Hong Kong, the Molotov cocktail represents Hong Kong, what else here doesn’t represent Hong Kong???” wrote one angry Weibo comment.”

    the sheer mental gymnastics of this….

  37. Man, everyone in charge really love the taste of Chinese dick, huh?

    Fucking greedy cowardly sellouts.

    We all see that the ONLY thing that matters to you is your bottom line.

    Not your ethics, or freedom of speech or anything like that.

    I miss the US that would have politely, directly, and eloquently told the CCP to go fuck themselves right in the Pooh.


    Clickbait for dat ad revenue

  39. Fuck you China pro supporters

  40. This isn’t really relevant but it’s not Batman in the picture but the character Carrie Kelly as Batwoman. It’s the 3rd sequel to Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns.

  41. Hong Kong = Gotham City?

    Well, the HKPF looked like the denizens of Arkham lately…

  42. Companies like Facebook must be real glad they don’t operate in China. They can take the moral high ground on this and use it to hammer everyone else. The irony!

  43. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://variety.com/2019/film/news/dc-comics-warner-brothers-batman-1203419190/) reduced by 81%. (I’m a bot)
    > DC Comics has yanked a poster for a new Batman title from its social media accounts after the image drew criticism from Chinese commenters who said it appeared to support the ongoing pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.

    > The poster came under fire from Chinese internet users who contended that it contained coded messages in support of Hong Kong's pro-democracy protests.

    > In the meantime, DC Comics' Instagram has been flooded with criticism from people who support the Hong Kong protests or are angry that the company appears to have given in to Chinese political pressure.

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  44. i hate the phrase “under fire” so fucking much

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