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Dead in a Taliban attack on a military base in eastern Afghanistan

Afghan forces were killed in an explosion targeting a military base in Nangarhar Province, eastern Afghanistan, today, Saturday, and the Taliban movement claimed responsibility for the attack.

Al-Jazeera correspondent quoted a source in the Ministry of Defense that 13 members of the Afghan forces were killed in the bombing that targeted the base located in Shirzad district in the state.

For its part, the Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack and said it was carried out with a car bomb. She added in a statement that this military base was launching attacks and carrying out operations against Taliban militants in the province.

It said that the targeting of it came after careful planning, and that all those who were in it were killed, according to the statement.

The attack comes at a time when the United States and the Taliban are exchanging accusations about not adhering to the peace agreement that the two sides signed in Doha in February of last year.

The administration of US President Joe Biden announced that it will review this agreement signed by the administration of his predecessor, Donald Trump, as part of a broad review of Washington’s commitments and foreign policies.

An American team to Afghanistan

In this context, Afghan President Muhammad Ashraf Ghani said on Friday that the new US administration will send a team to Afghanistan to discuss the peace process.

He added during a speech he delivered at the Aspen Security Forum via the Internet that his government would discuss with the Biden administration ways to strengthen the peace process, calling on Washington and NATO to take a strong position on their approach to withdrawing foreign forces conditional on the improvement of the situation. Security.

Ghani said that he had spoken with a number of leaders of NATO countries and that they showed great interest in keeping their forces in Afghanistan, but he added that this requires American support.

According to the Doha Agreement, the United States should withdraw all its forces from Afghanistan by next May. The number of remaining US forces there is estimated at about 2,500 soldiers.

On the other hand, Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi confirmed, in his first phone call with his US counterpart, Anthony Blinken, his country’s commitment to partnering with the United States in order to achieve peace in Afghanistan.

And Qureshi considered that reducing violence, leading to a ceasefire, is a matter of principle to ensure access to an integrated peace agreement in Afghanistan.

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