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Decor ideas 2020 … Beautiful and warm winter touches at home

With the change of weather and to get a warm, romantic and charming atmosphere around the house, some touches must be added, whether in furniture, fabrics or accessories, to make the home more elegant and comfortable.

In this context, the beauty of winter décor lies in choosing the appropriate fabric for the season and colors that reflect the winter atmosphere.

So, interior designer Diala Al-Rifai invites to apply some simple winter home decor ideas:

Using a decorative piece as a unique element, gives a warm and intimate atmosphere to winter (pixels)

Romantic accessories

In the winter season, it is preferable to adopt nature-inspired decors such as wood, stones, flowers, leaves and pine cones, to decorate rooms, and some of these items can also be collected and placed on the dining table.

Candlesticks, of all shapes and colors, play a prominent and striking role by adding a winter atmosphere to home decorations, as they are a unique element that creates a warm and intimate atmosphere that simulates this season.

The pots full of dry twigs, painted in white, gold, silver, or in a color that matches the colors of the house in general, attract attention, and can be placed in the entrance to the house or even in one of the corners of the official reception board.

Decorations inspired by nature in the winter season, such as wood, stones and flowers, give the rooms beautiful (pixels)

Renovation of bed linen

Summer bed covers should be replaced with winter ones to keep warm during the night hours, and fur pillows and a woolen bedspread can be used randomly on the bed, to give a modern touch to the house and the winter atmosphere in the bedroom.

The wool pillows and velvet curtains make a big difference, because changing the small pillows on the sofas and seats is enough to renew the look of the place.

To cope with the winter atmosphere, you can, for example, choose the leather or fur pillows decorated with paintings and in one of the warm earthy colors for the main neutral-colored sofa, such as light beige, for example.

You can use fur pillows and Pixabay wool bedspread.

Use low lighting

Dim lighting adds a feeling of warmth, tranquility and relaxation, as does the lighting that emanates from inside the ceiling or from small lamps distributed in separate places.

Cold blue lamps can also be replaced with warm yellow ones, as the light color has a great effect in decorating and home ambiance.

Lamp shades can also be chosen in warm earthy colors.

Dim lighting gives a feeling of warmth, calm and relaxation, and it is preferable to be distributed in separate places (pixels)

The fireplace is the most important winter decor

The fireplace is at the top of the winter décor list, with its traditional shape in the center of the main living room wall. It is not necessary to rely on it as a source of heating, but it can exist to inspire warmth and romance.

It is best to take the opportunity to choose an attractive heating device that will give an elegant winter touch to your home décor.

Dark carpet colors are suitable for the winter, making sure to match the basic home colors (pixels)

Carpet cut

The carpet plays an essential role in home decor in the winter season, and you must resort to colors that reflect the atmosphere of this cold season, such as gray, beige, ivory white, and others.

It is also possible to choose other, darker colors, perhaps, but whatever you buy, be sure to match the basic home colors.

Dark-colored upholstery fabrics, carpets and curtains make the home decor warm and contrast with the cold outside (pixels)

The contradiction between inside and outside

The interior decoration of the house can be made warm and cozy, contrasting clearly with the nature and the cold outside. Earth-colored carpets, thick and dark-colored furnishings, thick carpets that block the cold of the floor, and thick, dark-colored curtains make the home décor warm and contrast remarkably with the sky overcast with gray clouds and bare tree branches.

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