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Decorated advice .. Create a special corner to study your children remotely

To receive the school year via distance learning, it is preferable to allocate a private and quiet corner away from the bedrooms, and it is preferable to have a separate room that is closed to focus on the study hours without any fuss.

Also, this type of study is often done on the screen of the tablet device, so this table must be decorated with accessories that stimulate optimism, keep boredom away, and add vitality and activity, while preparing the appropriate atmosphere for studying through simple, unconventional touches that catches the eye.

Diana Al Halaby, coordinator of the decor, offers a set of distinct ideas for this corner, which are in harmony with the general decor of the room.

The white color of the lesson table is ideal for reflecting the lighting in the space (pixels)

A sturdy net and an adequate table

In order for the child to be comfortable and focus on “distance learning”, the study table must be distinctive in design and arrangement, and be elegant in harmony with the rest of the room decor, with the need to provide a comfortable chair for the student.

Whatever the corner in which the child will study, it must be ensured that before the start of distance education it contains a strong internet, preparing a suitable place for study is important in enhancing the student’s desire and interest in learning, and care must be taken not to disturb his brothers who are studying remotely around him, and to encourage all Include them to use a headphone, so that he does not disturb those around him while listening to his lessons.

The right lighting

  • Provide direct lighting, which is a mobile desk lamp, indirect lighting inside the shelves or underneath or under the office, as well as lighting the entire room.
  • Choose a modern lamp that is distinguished by its simple design, quiet color, and away from the traditional design.
Choosing “accessories” in calm colors that tend to blue or calm phosphorescent (communication sites)

Accessories and colors

It is important to choose the “accessories” in calm colors that tend to blue or calm phosphorescent, with the importance of white for the study table. This color is ideal for reflecting the lighting in the place, with bright colors. Including turquoise, fuchsia, blue and orange for the chair.

  • Arranging school supplies that the child uses frequently helps to relax while studying.
  • Putting aromatic candles as they give positive energy and banish stress and anxiety.
  • Adding fragrant sticks gives the house an unparalleled fragrance.
  • The vase has a special presence with placing flowers or plants that give beauty to the place.
  • The wall of your study corner can be decorated with a world map, or an educational board.
The laptop computer is important for the child to be able to follow the e-learning platforms (Pixels)

Distance study holdings

Diana believes that it is very important, with the start of the school year, to provide the basic purposes that every student needs, and the following are the most prominent collections of stationery and electronics that facilitate the task of remote study:

  • The most important requirement is a high-quality device, and one of the most important distance learning electronics, whether it is a laptop or a fixed device, so that the child can follow the e-learning platforms, follow the lessons and download the worksheets he needs.
  • It is preferable that the child not use the mobile phone to follow lessons and download study materials, because its small size will prevent obtaining a clear picture, and the writing will appear very small on the phone, which may burden the child’s eyes.
  • A fast printer and lots of print paper are critical to ensuring that your child gets the most out of the remote study experience.
  • Providing pencils to correct writing errors, as they come with an eraser, and they can also be used for drawing.
  • Providing colored ink pens for writing notes on the notebook, with storage units to keep pens and papers inside.
  • The notepad is one of the basics when returning to school or university. It helps remember class times, exams, homework, and take notes.
The necessity of a good microphone and headphones so that the student understands the teacher’s explanation while communicating with him (Al-Jazeera)
  • A board that the mother needs to motivate the son or daughter to study must be provided, by fixing pictures related to the lessons and research that he has previously completed, or even the schedule for the study and decorated with stars.
  • Use headphones to focus on the lessons more, and not disturb the rest of the family.
  • The necessity to provide a good microphone and headphones so that the student understands the teacher’s explanation while communicating with him, in addition to the camera that some lessons need.

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