Home / news / Deliberately coughing on emergency workers to be punishable by two years in jail: ‘We will not hesitate to prosecute anybody who threatens them as they go about their vital duties,’ says Director of Public Prosecutions (UK)

Deliberately coughing on emergency workers to be punishable by two years in jail: ‘We will not hesitate to prosecute anybody who threatens them as they go about their vital duties,’ says Director of Public Prosecutions (UK)

Deliberately coughing on emergency workers to be punishable by two years in jail: ‘We will not hesitate to prosecute anybody who threatens them as they go about their vital duties,’ says Director of Public Prosecutions (UK)

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  2. How sad that this even has to be said.

  3. Gov. Phil Murphy says a man got into an argument at a Wegmans Food Store in Manalapan before claiming to be infected with the COVID-19 coronavirus and intentionally coughing on a store worker – and now he is facing terroristic charges. [‘Knucklehead’ Facing Terroristic Charges After Claiming Coronavirus And Coughing On Store Clerk.](https://haizrulamrie.com/watch?v=imnN75pgnHM)

  4. Why would this be restricted to emergency workers? Deliberately coughing on someone is assault, and I think a strong case could be made for assault with a deadly weapon these days. This should apply to coughing on anyone.

  5. Hey guys good news we found volunteers for vaccine tests. They even want us to skip any other tests and go directly to them.

  6. What they should do is figure out how many years of a life are saved by one emergency worker in the area, then figure out what the difference would be without one extra worker, and give them the sum of both.

  7. That’s some new high level cuntiness. Anyone in their right mind who does this should face the full force of the law. Unfortunately, several stories have emerged of poor folks doing similar things who are a little worse for wear with their mental health. These people need a whole lot of help.

  8. Deliberately infecting someone else with something is by definition assault in some countries regardless whether we have a pandemic on our hands or not.

  9. when you guys going to make it a crime to evict nurses who work with covid-19 patients by dumb ass landlords?

  10. Told this to my dad, his immediate response was, “That’s pretty light for attempted murder”

  11. How do you determine whether someone coughs on purpose?

  12. There was a doctor on Twitter yesterday who finished a night shift and found his bike had been stolen. Twitter did it’s thing thankfully and he’s been offered dozens of replacement bikes, but what sort of parasitic scumbag steals a bike locked up outside a hospital? Not just now, at any time. You *know* it almost certainly belongs to someone who works there or at best could be visiting someone. I’d like to hope that if the police caught the scumbag then they would kick the living shit out of him then dump him at the back of the longest possible queue to be treated at hospital.

  13. What about ordering them to do non-emergent , elective procedures in close quarters without PPE, putting the lives of the healthcare workers, their patients, and their families at risk for no good reason? What’s the punishment for that?

  14. Had a lady cough on my cousin and say ” Better hope I don’t have it ” because they wouldn’t test her . Sad that people go to these lengths.

  15. I hope verbal harassment and physical harassment gets taken seriously when this shit hits the fan.

    Being verbally berated by a drug user because they didn’t get morphine at exactly 1030 is infuriating.

    Going to be tough fighting a pandemic when there’s already an opioid crisis.

  16. Deliberately coughing, sneezing on anyone, anywhere during this pandemic should be a crime

  17. Should be extended to anyone, personally, going about their business at this time. If it wasn’t important then they should be at home.

  18. Of course, this sounds correct, but How are we going to prove it’s *deliberate*?

  19. Good! If anything this sentence is relatively mild.

  20. Only two years?

    If you cough on someone, in an attempt to possibly infect them with a deadly disease, the minimum it should be is attempted homicide, IMO.

  21. If two years isn’t also the sentence for attempted murder, it’s far too short.

  22. But when I get clawed, bitten, and spit on by patients in the U.S. there’s no action against them and my dispatcher calls me out for taking too long writing the incident in my report. Dope.

  23. Wait, this is a thing?! My mother is a nurse here in Australia and said one of her female colleagues (dressed in nurse’s outfit) got spat on by an Uber driver at a petrol station last night.


  24. There has been a problem of teenagers thinking its funny to do this, Make sure to fine their parents for bringing up scumbags as well.

  25. This is good. It should be treated as a threat to someone elses life.

  26. What kind of detestable piece of shit of a person you must be to do this, endangering people who already risk their lives trying to save others.

  27. Posadist gang is not pleased.

  28. Seems like a pretty clear statement of intent. Being a nasty little cock can have severe consequences this time…

  29. Currently we are working on the front door of hospitals to stop possible covid patients coming into hospital if they are not sick enough to be there (we assess then before sending them hone with self isolation advice).
    My colleague ended up in a full shouting match with a man refusing to leave and verbally abusing/threatening staff after being assessed and told he is not that unwell and he needs to leave.
    This is not an isolated event, it’s widespread in the NHS and people really show their true colours once they don’t get their way.
    People need to understand that there is NOT a cure for covid, you need to ride it out and we will step in only if you become so unwell that you need medical attention.

  30. What type of person does this anyway?! Crazy that people like that even exist!

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