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Described as a disaster .. The possibility of the same person being infected with Corona twice threatens the effectiveness of vaccines

Gail – 51 years old – says that she was infected with the new Corona virus twice, which is a very rare case of re-infection and even unlikely in the eyes of scientists. If this turns out to be true, then there may be questioning the effectiveness of future vaccines.

In her report, published by the French newspaper Liberation, writer Natalie Rollin wondered whether it was possible to re-infection with the Coronavirus – its scientific name “SARS Cove 2” – within a period not exceeding 6 months with the appearance of more severe symptoms.

The story of Gayle, a Parisian graphic designer, began in early April, at the height of the first wave. When quarantined at her home near Pont-Aven in Brutani, this woman suffered strange disturbances shortly after her son’s enrollment, upon his return from the Nantes College of Commerce, with the family.

At that time she was feeling a headache, muscle aches, a dry cough, as well as chest pain, loss of taste and smell, and redness in the soles as well. When she contacted him by phone, her doctor immediately suspected that she had the Coronavirus. “I didn’t do a test, because it wasn’t available at the time. I could handle the pain,” she recalls. “I kept taking zinc and dolipran (the analgesic paracetamol). After 10 days the symptoms disappeared.”

On her return to the capital after the lockdown was lifted, she resumed her normal life. At the end of September, her husband, and then her son, contracted the virus.

The following graphic shows 9 of the most prominent symptoms of Corona virus, and to find out a detailed list of symptoms of Corona infection, click on this link.

Evidence from virology

Gail said that upon her conviction that she was developing immunity to the virus, she allowed herself to act freely and let go of her caution while taking pictures in mid-October. “There were a number of people gathered in the lobby,” she explains, “and for the sake of the photo we removed the masks. I went home thinking I was getting cold.”

“I thought I had bronchitis. I was suffering from headache, stomach pain, severe and heavy cough and the situation was getting worse. On Sunday evening I ended up calling the emergency medical services in Paris, I was in terrible pain, and I couldn’t even stand.” The set of tests that followed, this time confirmed that she was infected with the Coronavirus.

Scientists are anxious to decide whether Gail has been re-infected. Professor Olivier Schwartz, Director of the Immunology and Virology Unit at the Pasteur Institute, said, “We must remain vigilant. Recurrent cases are suspected, but only very few have been confirmed.”

Genevieve Marsolin, a virologist at the Petit Salpetriere Hospital in charge of monitoring cases among nursing staff, supports this idea. “At Betty Salpetriere Hospital, we had some doubts that the infection was returning, but without being able to provide viral evidence due to the lack of tests during the first wave. We identified a potential case that we are exploring. But looking at tens of thousands of caregivers infected since spring, We can say that the rate of re-infection is very marginal. “

I don’t want to believe it

The writer mentioned that Gail’s story is strange. “In infectious diseases, it is possible to catch a second infection, as the antibodies produced during the first infection can disappear over time after a period ranging between 4 and 6 months, most likely for a virus disease,” explains Eric Coomis, an infectious disease specialist at the Petit Salpetriere Hospital. Corona. However, this case is usually less serious, as the immune system remembers the fingerprint of the virus and quickly begins producing neutral antibodies if the causative agent of the disease is picked up again. In this case, the patient has few or no symptoms.

“I don’t want to believe it. If this phenomenon is confirmed, it will be a real disaster. This may cause the immune system to react badly to a more aggressive strain of the Coronavirus or to be exposed to a more dangerous way to the virus, which may undermine the effectiveness of the vaccine,” Professor Comis adds.

More severe symptoms

Last October, a report in the Lancet Infectious Diseases, reported by Reuters, stated that a 25-year-old man from Reno (in Nevada) was confirmed in April after If he shows minor symptoms; But he fell ill again in late May, and symptoms were more severe.

According to the French Press Agency, which also quoted the study, the second injury was more dangerous than the first, and the scientists said that despite the apparent scarcity of the infection, and despite the recovery of the injured American man, the similar cases to his condition are alarming, and single cases of recurrence were recorded in Around the world, including in Europe and Asia.

“It is becoming increasingly clear that recurrence is possible,” said Simon Clark – an expert in microbiology at the University of Reading, Britain. “But we can not yet determine how common it is.”

“If recurrence is easily possible,” Clark added, “this could have repercussions for vaccine production programs, and for our understanding of how and when the epidemic might end.”

Doctors of a Nevada patient said that in-depth examinations showed that the coronavirus strain associated with the second infection was genetically different from the first.

“These results reinforce the idea that we do not yet know enough about the immune response to this infection,” said Paul Hunter, professor of medicine at the University of East Anglia in Britain.

Source : Al-Jazeera + Reuters + French + Liberation

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