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Despite his arrest 3 years ago, the Egyptian judiciary renews Abul-Fotouh’s detention for an additional 45 days

Today, Tuesday, the Egyptian judiciary renewed the imprisonment of the opposition and former presidential candidate, Abdel Moneim Abul-Fotouh, for 45 days, on the grounds of his accusation of contacting “entities hostile to the state and spreading false news.”

According to a statement by the Arab Organization for Human Rights Information, a Cairo-based non-governmental organization, a court dealing with terrorism cases decided to renew Abul-Fotouh’s detention for 45 days, after he exceeded the maximum pre-trial detention limit.

According to Egyptian law, the period of pretrial detention in criminal cases should not exceed two years. But in many cases it exceeds that period; Which raises widespread human rights criticism.

Since mid-February 2018, the authorities have been holding Abul-Fotouh – who is the head of the Strong Egypt Party – in the Agriculture Prison in Cairo, pending investigation with him on charges he denied authenticity, including “leading and reviving a banned group (not identified by the prosecution) and spreading false news.”

Abul-Fotouh was arrested one day after his return from London, following a visit during which he gave an interview to Al-Jazeera, in which he criticized the deteriorating political and economic conditions during the era of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

Last November, the Cairo Criminal Court included 29 Egyptian opposition figures in the list of terrorist entities, of which Aboul Fotouh was among the most prominent.

Two months earlier, Aboul Fotouh had filed a lawsuit against President Sisi and several officials. Because of the continuing violations that he is subjected to inside the prison, mainly solitary confinement without legal justification, being banned from the prison library, subscribing to newspapers, inserting books, and exercising in the sun, as well as preventing him from Friday prayers in the prison mosque, phone calls and correspondence with his family, as well as preventing him Of natural treatment, and the introduction of a small refrigerator at his expense to store medicines, although all of this is regulated by the prison law and its regulations.

In an audio recording leaked by activists, Sisi described Abu al-Fotouh as an extremist brother, and expressed his fear that he would rule Egypt, in an interview with Yasser Rizk, editor-in-chief of the government newspaper Al-Akhbar, who was ousted from his post yesterday, even though he remained close to Sisi. For the past few years.

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