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Despite the approval of the deal with Oracle, TikTok may face a ban on its implementation tonight

A US judge in Washington said that he intends to make a decision later today, Sunday, on whether to prevent US President Donald Trump’s administration ordering to prevent Apple and Alphabet from downloading the Chinese TikTok app to share short videos in their stores. .

US District Court Judge Carl Nichols revealed, after a hearing that lasted 90 minutes on Sunday morning, that he intends to issue a public order later in the day. The Department of Commerce’s TikTok app store ban is set to take effect at 11:59 PM EST (03:59 GMT).

During the hearing, TikTok attorney John E. Hall argued that the ban was “unprecedented” and “illogical,” saying, “How does it make sense to place a ban on the App Store tonight when there are ongoing negotiations that might make it unnecessary?”

This is just a blunt way to hit the company … there is simply no urgent necessity here, “Hall asked during the hearing.

US officials have expressed national security concerns that personal data collected on the 100 million Americans using the app could be obtained by the Chinese Communist Party government.

ByteDance (the company that owns the application) said on September 20 that it had concluded an initial deal between Walmart and Oracle Corp to acquire stakes in a new company called TikTok Global, to oversee operations inside the US. Negotiations are continuing on the terms of the agreement and resolving the concerns of Washington and Beijing.

The deal is still under review by the US government’s Foreign Investment Commission, “CFIUS”.

On September 19, the Commerce Department postponed the ban to give companies an extra week to complete a deal, and TikTok says that the restrictions imposed on it come as a result of the increasing tensions between the United States and China under the Trump administration, “and not driven by real national security concerns, but rather by political motivation.”

The company said that a separate set of restrictions will go into effect on November 12 to prevent other transactions with TikTok that would effectively ban the application in the United States.

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