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Despite the cruelty of the pandemic … 8 habits that must be preserved after life returns to normal

If there is anything we have learned during the Corona epidemic, it is that humans are extremely resilient and adaptive, in addition to re-identifying the most important things in their private lives.

Psychologist Kathleen Soddy says, in an article posted on Veranda, that we not only learned how to work with focus and discover what is necessary to prioritize, but we also learned what influences our moods, prioritizes our mental health and makes meaningful connections with Others. These are all valuable skills that everyone needs to continue strengthening as life returns to its normal form.

In conjunction with the cruelty of the Corona pandemic and the domestic isolation period that accompanied it, there are good habits that appeared during the epidemic period, and some would like these habits to continue with them even after the end of the crisis and the return of life to normal, the most prominent of which are the following:


Many enjoyed returning to school and becoming students again, whether it was learning a new language, a new skill, sign language, photography, history, or even learning to cook a new recipe.

The Coronavirus outbreak also proved that online education has become an advanced technology, whether via YouTube videos, podcasts, or other remote training courses. This is what makes everyone not want to break this beneficial habit.

Doing exercises

After closing many gyms, we discovered that we do not need expensive equipment to exercise. You can only use a jump rope or be guided by the free videos on the Internet, in addition to a small space at home, to exercise and relieve stress.

Can exercise at home without the need for heavy sports equipment (agencies)

Enjoy slow life

Many enjoyed the slow and precious few moments they had experienced during the epidemic. We enjoyed spending free time off the screen and in the company of loved ones, whether by having long conversations and discussions, or focusing on stories of the past and family anecdotes.

The crisis has given many parents an opportunity to answer their children’s never-ending questions, and others are discovering their homes and their true dimensions, and that there are spaces that have not been exploited before, such as sitting in the backyard of the house or on the roof and enjoying the sunset and the movement of pedestrians in the street.

Consumption consciously

Social distancing taught us valuable lessons about how to consume well. With the closure, everyone noticed their low consumption of many things that they were spending their money on constantly, and this made us review ourselves and back off from the previous wasteful spending policy.

Duration of hand washing

Even those who washed their hands well before the coronavirus outbreak likely learned something new about hygiene during the pandemic. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends washing your hands for at least 20 seconds.

Doctors recommend that you wash your hands for at least 20 seconds (German)

Find calm during chaos

Quarantine taught us the importance of providing a space for peace and quiet in our busy days, even if a few minutes are deliberately arranged, this works to restore psychological calm, increase production, focus and see things more clearly.

Spending time away from today’s chaos and away from one another to write ideas or record a plan for tomorrow is an important thing that takes everyone away from the screens and from the daily worries.

Enjoy creative hobbies

From knitting to stamp collecting, many crafts and hobbies seem like lost art. The days we spent lockdown were an ideal time to pursue our hobbies and rediscover the pleasure and mentality of creating a new gift to give or just to please ourselves for doing so.

An Italian musician decided to join his neighbors playing music on his balcony (Al-Jazeera)

The possibility of home entertainment

The epidemic has helped many to discover the existence of a complete entertainment world on computers, phones, tablets and gaming devices, which can be used periodically to entertain all family members.

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