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Did you like the series Lupine? .. 5 police series we recommend you to watch

The French series “Lupine” caused a stir among Netflix followers in a few weeks. According to the figures announced by the platform, once it was displayed, it became the most watched in many Arab and European countries.

The series broke the bar of seventy million views, which qualified it to become the most watched French series in the history of the platform, and it even broke the number The record for the series “The Queen’s Gambit”, which remained on the throne of the most watched for long in the last quarter of 2020, reached 62 million viewers.

“Lupine” is suitable for fans of the police drama that carries a lot of suspense and excitement, as it tracks the hero’s adventures and unexpected crimes in order to uncover the truth behind an old accusation attributed to his father 25 years ago.

During his journey, he follows the path of a noble thief, “Arsene Lupine,” who is characterized not only by genius but also by humanity. If you like or are attracted to this type of drama, we recommend that you follow the same TV series we will nominate for you today.

The genius everyone loved

The first nomination, of course, is the series “Sherlock”, which shares with “Lupine” the fact that its hero is an interesting person with mental abilities that allow him to solve puzzles and reach surprising conclusions quickly, even if Sherlock uses this to serve justice and solve cases that the police failed to solve.

The series is a British drama that combines crime and mystery from 15 episodes that were shown over 4 seasons between 2010-2017, and the work was successful in mass, receiving a rating of 9.1 points on the technical site “IMDb”, while it ranked 21 in the list Same site for the 250 best series in drama history.

As for the reasons for his success, they varied between the intense contemporary treatment and the strength and coherence of the plot, in addition to the dramatic dramatic escalation and familiarity with all the details, and most importantly the distinguished performance of his heroes, where the representative matches between his hero Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.

Longer Dramatic Action

(Poirot) is another British police series that is also successful, which explains why it ranked 173rd on the IMDb list, known for being one of the longest-running dramas, as it spanned 13 seasons from 1989 to 2013.

It revolves around the adventures of the Belgian investigator Hercole Poirot, who came under the inspiration of writer Agatha Christie, to follow him through the episodes while he tries to solve the cases entrusted to him and to reach the real criminal behind the crimes that lie in his way.

The work is not only distinguished by its interesting stories, but also by the sense of humor and the eagerness of its makers to present bold societal issues that will soon put the spectator in front of himself and arouse his human curiosity, perhaps therefore, despite the attempt of many to imitate the idea and present it more than once, “Poirot” remains Christie’s best masterpiece .

Professor Gang

While many are waiting for the fifth season of the popular Spanish series “La Casa de Papel”, you can watch it if you have not watched it yet, as it is one of the most famous Netflix series, which justifies the viewership of the fourth season alone, exceeding 65 million views.

As for his story, it tells about a professor planning a grand theft and for that, he forms a huge gang and puts up a very clever plan for them to achieve his goal, and despite all his genius that seems rare and a plan with which he puts the possibility of everything, a small detail related to his falling in love exposes his whole plan to the risk of failure. And the events follow.


“White Collar” is a crime and drama series with some comedies, which started in 2009 and 2014, resulting in 6 seasons with great success, because the series enjoyed the excitement as well as the quality of the plot and writing.

The work revolves around a white-collar criminal known as “The Dutchman” who manages to escape for years, and when he is arrested he decides to strike a deal stipulating his assistance to the FBI in arresting other like-minded criminals, relying on his own experience as a fraud and a thief in the first place. Time finds itself torn between his past life and his duties imposed on him.

Robin Hood this era

If you are looking for family and exciting work for your children, the most appropriate is the cartoon series “Carmen Sandiego”, which began in 2019 and continued until 2021 for 4 seasons, during which it was nominated for the Emmy and is inspired by a series of games with the same name.

The work tells about Carmen, a girl who learned theft and crime in a specialized academy to become a professional thief. However, after a while she decided to change her path, likening “Robin Hood”, so she stole with two goals, the first is to obstruct the plans of international criminal organizations and preceded it one step, and the second to donate money after that for humanitarian purposes and try to compensate The victims, and as the events unfold, things begin to get complicated, amid the police’s attempts to trap them.

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