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Discusses the details of the normalization agreement … a high-level Israeli delegation in Bahrain

Israeli media reported that a high-level Israeli delegation went to Bahrain to continue discussions on the details of the normalization agreement between Manama and Tel Aviv, which was signed in the middle of this month in the American capital, Washington.

Israeli sources stated that the delegation includes high-ranking officials from the Israeli government, headed by the Director General of the Cabinet of the Prime Minister Ronen Peretz, the Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Alon Auschwitz, and senior officials from the National Security Council, the Prime Minister’s Office and some other ministries.

She indicated that the delegation flew by plane belonging to the Israeli company “Israir” through Saudi airspace in the direction of Bahrain for the first time, as the delegation would hold talks with officials from the Bahraini Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Crown Prince’s Court.

Navigational data from the Flight Radar website, which specializes in monitoring civil aviation traffic, reported that the Israeli plane had departed from Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv to an undisclosed destination, but Israeli journalists later said that it was on its way to Bahrain.

The flight dreamed of the number “ISR111”, and it took two hours and 20 minutes due to the delay in obtaining permission to cross Jordanian airspace.

On September 15, the UAE and Bahrain signed two normalization agreements with Israel at the White House under the auspices of US President Donald Trump, ignoring the state of anger in Arab popular circles.

Yesterday, Bahrain’s Crown Prince Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa telephoned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in which he said that supporting peace with Israel strengthens the consolidation of security, stability and prosperity foundations in the region.

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