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Distinguished scholarships for bachelors, masters and PhD students

Complementing the series of scholarships we used to offer atFieldAnnually, we start this year with a set of distinguished scholarships offered to bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral students, and to doctors, and all the grants presented in this report provide excellent opportunities for their winners, in order to achieve academic, research and practical progress that affects their knowledge and skills positively, and the offered grants participate at the end of the application period. Her during the first quarter of this year 2021.

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is a leading provider of health development for cystic fibrosis patients, and is a non-profit organization accredited by Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) ​​in the United States. The Foundation provides a range of clinical fellowships to train physicians in cystic fibrosis treatment and related academic research. It also requires applicants to have obtained a “board” certificate in internal medicine or pediatrics before starting the training if they obtain a fellowship.

The first and second year fellowships cover clinical training costs of $ 62,000 for the first year, and $ 69,000 for the second year, and the third, fourth and fifth year fellowships are for clinical research training and have a value of $ 100,000 divided by 80% of the salary and 20 % To cover research costs, and this scholarship is available to applicants from inside and outside the United States of America who are allowed to enter the United States.

The dates for applying for fellowships vary according to the training years, for the first and second year fellowships end on March 3, 2021, and for the other three-year fellowships, the application ends on February 11th of the same year, and for more details here.

The Royal Society, in partnership with the Wolfson Foundation, is implementing the Royal Society Wolfson Fellowship program to enable British academic and research institutions to attract the best international minds to work in the production of high-quality research and to promote research excellence In the best British universities. The program provides five-year fellowships for international researchers in biological research, chemistry, engineering, mathematics, physics, and other scientific fields, and applicants are required to have an offer from a university or research institution in the United Kingdom.

The value of the financial support provided is up to 300,000 pounds sterling, and it covers part of the salary and research costs, and may cover the cost of a doctoral study for four years in certain cases, and applications for these fellowships are open twice a year, the first on the 20th of January of the year 2021 until March 17 March of the same year, and the second extending between May 19 and July 14 of the same year, for more here.

One of the best universities in the world, the Swedish Lund University 1, is offering a distinguished group of “Lund University Global Scholarships” for students wishing to study a bachelor’s or master’s at the university. This group targets students from outside the European Union who are academically distinguished. The grants cover tuition fees ranging from 25% to 100%, provided that the student is able to provide coverage for his living costs in Sweden.

The selection process for students depends on their academic excellence and is not affected by their financial conditions. Students are allowed to choose from all majors offered within the university, provided that they apply for academic admission through the approved application site at Swedish universities “www.universityadmissions.se”, and the period for submitting applications for the scholarship begins During the month of February of this year to study in the fall semester, but the dates for applying for study programs may differ according to the program and the semester that the student intends to apply to study.

Various scholarships are available to complete doctoral studies in British universities, among these scholarships is the President’s Doctoral Scholar award program supported by the President of the University of Manchester. The program provides support to 100 researchers annually, and receives researchers from around the world All scholarship recipients receive funding for their tuition fees, an annual stipend, in addition to an additional sum of 1,000 pounds to their salary, and the total value of the financial support provided to each researcher varies according to his specialization, and those wishing to apply for this program are advised to review the pages of the College of Biology and Medicine And health, or the College of Humanities, or the College of Science and Engineering, to find out details about how to apply, noting that applying for the program ends on the twenty-fifth of March.

The second university on this list is the University of Sussex, which offers within its research center “Digit PhD studentships” in the field of adopting digital technologies in the business world. International researchers can apply for these scholarships, and its winners will receive a discount from Annual tuition fees of 4,407 pounds sterling and an annual stipend of 15,285 pounds sterling, and application for these scholarships ends in early March.

The University of Nottingham also provides a program to support doctoral studies in its research centers “Doctoral Training Programs”. Beneficiaries have the opportunity to cooperate with academic institutions and operators in their fields of specialization and with distinguished researchers in these fields. The program covers annual tuition fees for each student, and provides An annual salary of 15,609 pounds for the year 2021-2022, and the number of grants available in research centers of different specialties, and may reach 91 grants, as in the Center for Arts and Humanities, and students are advised to visit the centers page related to their specializations to find out how to apply.

The Radboud Scholarship Program offers scholarships for international students wishing to study any of the master’s programs offered in English at Radboud University in the Netherlands, and the list of programs offered in English includes various majors such as law, political science, philosophy, geography and environment, business, Behavioral sciences, and others.

The program also includes full scholarships that cover tuition fees of 16,000 euros and living costs of 10,800 euros, and partial scholarships in which the tuition fees are reduced to 2,168 euros, in addition to covering the costs of study, residence and health insurance in both types, and the application for these grants ends on the first of the month. March.

The College of Engineering of the Kyoto University of Advanced Science in Japan offers scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate students, and there are two types of study grants available to undergraduate students, where the first type winners receive a full waiver of tuition fees, registration fees and an annual amount to cover costs Living is equivalent to 1,200,000 Japanese yen, and in the second type, the winners receive a reduction in the value of the tuition and registration fees by 30%, 50% or 100%, and scholarship holders are required to maintain specific academic performance during their academic years, otherwise they may lose their scholarships if They did not maintain the required standard, for details here.

As for postgraduate scholarships, they are available for master’s and doctoral students, and are offered in two programs, where the first provides full exemption from tuition and registration fees, and covers annual living costs with a specified salary, and the second type provides partial exemption from 30% -100% on tuition and registration fees for students Master’s degree, and full exemption from tuition and registration fees for doctoral students, and students are required to maintain the scholarship to achieve the required academic level during the study period, for details here.



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