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Do you attract conservatives in America?

She said that the Al Jazeera network will launch a new platform in America this week

Forbes magazine wondered if American conservatives who were “abandoned by FOX NEWS” would find their way in the Al Jazeera media network?

The magazine said in a report that the Al Jazeera network will launch a new digital project this week targeting the American conservative audience “who feel that the main American media have abandoned them.”

The magazine added that the new project is the “Rightly” platform, and said it would be aimed at “the media marginalized in the right of center.”

“Will Al-Jazeera catch the American conservatives after Fox News closed the door in front of them?” Asked Mark Guilla, author of Forbes, to reply that such a measure would be interesting.

Guillaume said that Al-Jazeera has assigned the editor-in-chief of this platform to Scott Norville, former blogger and journalist for “Fox News”. He added that the platform’s first talk show will be called “Right Now” and will be presented by political commentator Stephen Kent.

Kent said in a tweet on Tuesday that he was “really optimistic about the Rrightley project.”

Commenting on the timing of the launch of the platform, Guillaume said it came at a “crucial time” for the conservative media, which has traditionally been dominated by Fox News.

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