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Does the Corona vaccine manipulate the human genetic material and destroy it? Is it a crime against humanity?

Social media users are circulating leaflets warning about the vaccines being developed for the emerging corona virus, confirming that the Covid-19 disease vaccine causes irreparable genetic damage to body cells, and that it creates genetically modified humans, and that it is a crime against humanity, and is skeptical about the details of the experiments that are taking place, So what is the truth?

These allegations ignited and spread like wildfire, after the American company “Pfizer” and “BioNTech” German announced that their joint vaccine is 95% effective for preventing Covid-19 based on the full results of a large-scale clinical trial.

The American company Moderna also announced similar results (94.5% effectiveness) for a vaccine based on the same technology. In both cases, the two vaccines showed their effectiveness in avoiding severe cases of Covid-19.

Pfizer, Biontech and Moderna vaccines are based on modern technology based on inserting genetic instructions into human cells. To stimulate it to produce a protein identical to the protein of the Coronavirus, and to cause an immune response against this protein.

The vaccine consists of a synthetic copy of the genetic material of the emerging corona virus, called “messenger RNA” or “mRNA”, to program a person’s cells to produce many copies of a part of the virus, and these copies trigger alarms in The immune system, and stimulates it to attack if the real virus tries to invade.

The leaflets that attack these vaccines claim to alter a person’s DNA, that is, their genetic material.

The direct answer is that this statement is completely wrong, as “messenger RNA” vaccines cannot change the genetic material of humans, do not harm or destroy it, nor do they lead to the creation of genetically modified humans, and these allegations are lies.

The only crime committed against humanity is listening to these lies and conspiracy theories, which question people and impede the work of doctors and governments in addressing the Corona pandemic, which has so far affected more than 56 million people, and led to the death of more than one million and 350 thousand people.

These vaccines do not change the genetic material of the body, they only enter a molecule in the body and direct the cells to build an antigen for the Corona virus, and then the antigen is recognized by the immune system that produces antibodies to fight the real Corona virus when it enters the body.

Vaccines do not alter the human body’s DNA, nor do they manipulate it.

Not new

In fact, these allegations are not new, and in May Reuters published a report refuting them, in which Mark Linas, a visiting fellow in the Cornell University Science Alliance group, refuted the idea that a DNA vaccine could genetically modify a living organism.

Linas told Reuters that there is no vaccine that can genetically modify human DNA, adding, “This is just a myth, which anti-vaccination activists often spread intentionally to intentionally create confusion and distrust.”

He explained that “genetic modification includes the intentional introduction of foreign DNA into the nucleus of a human cell, and vaccines simply do not. Vaccines work by training the immune system to recognize the pathogen when it tries to infect the body, and this is often done by injecting viral antigens or live viruses.” Weakly stimulates the immune response by producing antibodies. “

Linas added, “The DNA (in DNA vaccines) is not incorporated into the cell nucleus, so this is not genetic editing.”

Dr. Paul McCray, professor of pediatrics, microbiology and internal medicine at the University of Iowa, explained to Reuters via email how the Covid-19 vaccines that are being developed would work, saying, “For Covid-19, the main protein used to strengthen the immune system is the spike protein.” Spike protein from the virus.

This can be given as a vaccine in various forms, such as inactivated (dead) virus, a protein expressed in a vector DNA or RNA that will cause the cells to make that protein, etc.

So the only modification of the host is to stimulate it to manufacture antibodies and T (immune) cells that prevent infection with the virus or kill any infected cells to prevent or reduce the severity of the disease. This is what happens if you contract a viral infection naturally, but the vaccine takes the risk of contracting a dangerous disease out of the equation. “

The Reuters report confirmed that the future Covid-19 vaccine will not genetically modify humans, the DNA vaccines do not incorporate the virus into the cell nucleus of the recipient, but instead inject part of the virus’s DNA or RNA into tissues to stimulate the immune response in the body.

What are the mechanisms for trials of Covid-19 vaccines and how to ensure their safety?

To verify the effectiveness and safety of experimental vaccines against Covid-19, researchers are carrying out clinical trials on tens of thousands of volunteers, generally distributed equally into two groups, one of whom receives a placebo, and this is the case with experiments on the two vaccines Faiz-Biontech and Moderna.

Details of these experiences are presented here in a question and answer:

Who is conducting clinical trials?

The American Pfizer Group is implementing and financing a clinical trial of its vaccine on 44,000 people in the United States, Brazil, South Africa and Turkey. These people participate on a voluntary basis, and each of them receives two doses 3 weeks apart, and they are subject to periodic monitoring.

As for Moderna, it is being tested in cooperation with the National Institutes of Health Affairs, the highest public body for scientific research in the United States, which participates in financing the study and developing the vaccine, which is also given in two doses 4 weeks apart. The experiment is being held in the United States exclusively with 300,000 volunteers.

Do participants know if they are receiving the vaccine or a placebo?

No, not even the nurse injecting the participants knows this. A placebo is nothing more than a saline solution without any therapeutic effect.

How to ensure the effectiveness of the vaccine?

The volunteers participating in the research continue their lives normally. After receiving the injection, they return home and continue to work or study like others, with the need to follow the same preventive measures, whether in terms of home quarantine or the need to wear a muzzle.

Over the days, a number of participants will naturally develop Covid-19, which will inevitably be known, as the participants must regularly inform researchers of any symptoms they have, and any suspicious case is subject to a diagnosis.

If the vaccine is effective, the number of cases recorded among the participants who actually received the vaccine will be less than that recorded in the second group whose members received a placebo vaccine.

The aim is to record a difference large enough to exclude the chance hypothesis of these results. Researchers resort to statistical methods to achieve a predetermined minimum of certainty. Reaching a 100% efficacy rate means that no case was recorded in people who actually received the vaccine, and many cases were in the second group.

The first goal of vaccines is not to prevent the transmission of Coronavirus infection, but rather to prevent people from contracting Covid-19 disease caused by the virus. The vaccine is classified as highly effective if it succeeds in preventing Covid-19 infections in its dangerous forms.

This research stems from the idea that if a vaccine succeeds in protecting people from disease, then this means achieving the desired goal in terms of public health, even with the continued registration of people with the virus without any symptoms.

Are participants deliberately exposed to the virus?

No, the researchers only aim to record whether there is a difference “in real life” in the incidence of Covid-19 between people who received the vaccine and those who did not.

In the absence of a 100% effective treatment, it would be unethical to intentionally expose people to contracting the Coronavirus, although researchers have already suggested doing so with healthy young people.

What is the purpose of using a placebo vaccine?

If the study was limited to following up the conditions of 10 thousand people, including 100 who contracted Covid-19, then how would it be possible to know the degree of effectiveness of the vaccine? Maybe without the vaccine, it would have scored a similar number of infections, or maybe double or 10 times as many.

Therefore, the only way to determine effectiveness is to compare the results with those recorded in a parallel number of people who did not receive the vaccine, that is, the alternative group.

Source : Al-Jazeera + Reuters + French + websites

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