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Does your child disappoint your expectations? Here are educational methods to deal with each character

Children grow up in the same household as the same parents, and are brought up according to the same rules, and each of them has a different personality from the other, even if they are twins.

Between fun, calm and risk-taking, there are several questions that arise: Who is affected by the personality of the other? Do children acquire their personalities from parents? Or are parents influenced by the personalities of their children and follow educational rules that suit their differences? What are the correct educational methods for children who have frustrated our expectations?

The parents must have a greater ability to be creative in the rules, there will not be a stable educational base with all children.

It may seem frustrating and complicated, but it is simply unpredictable for the character of the children, and therefore parents must change the approach of dealing from one child to another, and according to the different circumstances that each child goes through.

How do you adapt to your child’s personality?

The strengths of a child may be the same as weaknesses of another child in the same family. The key, then, for parents, is not only to identify these differences, but to understand them and work to reconcile them.

The difference in personalities among the children must be matched by the diversity of activities, as well as dealing with different levels of energy, tolerating frustrations and different reactions.

All these characteristics give you an insight into your child’s personality and temperament, and if you pay attention to these characteristics, they will serve as your key to dealing and getting to know your son’s personality.

Thwarting expectations

Parents should get rid of any preconceptions, learn to accept and appreciate the beauty of their children’s personality, whatever it may be.

Your difference from your children’s personality should not lead to conflict, even if your child’s personality traits are frustrating.

For example, some parents like to be on time, and children often do not learn this habit easily. Therefore, parents must retreat, and look at things from the perspective of their children, and this does not mean that you give in to his point of view, but sympathy suffices to give him psychological comfort.

Here are some tips for dealing with the most common children’s personalities:

Sensitive child
Sensitive children always empathize with things and situations around them, and often remain silent for long periods of time.

Parents should be very careful in their comments, because everything that will be said will be taken seriously, and a great degree of reassurance and a sense of security should be provided to this character, along with sharing sympathy and love for others.

A high degree of reassurance and a sense of security should be provided to the sensitive child (Getty Images)

Leading child

This child is independent and a born leader, and has a strong drive to learn and get things done. He may be irritated by imposing decisions on him, as he wants to do everything himself, from choosing clothes to preparing food.

The child may seem stubborn, so it should be given more freedom, with an emphasis on encouraging the child and praising his efforts even when he fails, and watching him from afar to direct or protect him from falling into danger. And this kid is likely to turn into a big success story in the future.

Child fun

This child is often cheerful, sociable and fun-loving, and enjoys being the center of attention always.

These characteristics should be recognized as a positive trait and find ways to channel their enthusiasm; Therefore, one must deal with a measure of generosity with him, listen to him, and pretend to be amazed and happy with his behavior, so as not to be discouraged by his being not funny or failing to attract attention.

A cheerful child likes to have fun and enjoys being the center of attention always (Pixabay)

Serious kid

The best ways to describe a serious child is his logic, independence and early maturity. Parents may be surprised at how mature these children are for their ages. They are always confident of their opinions, love to analyze situations and strive for perfection.

And when it comes to raising a serious child, you should take their ideas and opinions seriously, and if you disagree then do so in a constructive way, and try to be logical. For example, it will be more effective if you explain to them why they should not do something, than just impose orders on them.

Active child

Parents should realize that this type of child must be provided with plenty of opportunities to be active and explore in regulated and safe environments; They need outlets for their energy or they will create chaos in the home.

Finally, raising children is centered around learning and adaptation, and parents should realize that the child will not be perfect just like parents, but it is enough to be active, participatory, respectful and loving, and if you do so, your children will grow up to be healthy individuals who understand and appreciate who they are.

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