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Dozens of elephants in Thailand permanently freed from carrying tourists in the wake of COVID-19 downturn.

Dozens of elephants in Thailand permanently freed from carrying tourists in the wake of COVID-19 downturn.

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  1. I hate to be skeptical but this sounds like a BS last ditch marketing ploy. The article said they stopped elephant rides because “a ban on such things” because of COVID, and that they switched to a more sanctuary type model where tourists can watch the elephants roaming around.

    She said “We’re not planning to put the seat supports back on the animals”. Not that they’ll never do it again. I hate that I suspect when tourism returns to normal and the ban is lifted, they release something like *our elephants are not the same since we took away their job, they miss giving people rides so we’re going to be doing that again*.

  2. If you’re lookig for a legit sanctuary where you can watch elephants doing elephant things check out Somboon in Thailand.

    They have 2 elephants Malee and Kamoon who have been rescued from begging and logging. You can’t touch, ride or feed them but you can watch them scratch their butts on trees and steal bananas and other elephant stuff.

    Remember a day with an elephant may be a once in a life time thing for you, but for them it’s all day every day.

    Would you want to be poked and prodded by dozens of people every day? And if you love elephants so much wouldn’t you want them to be happy and see them do elephant things?

  3. So even the elephants lost their jobs

  4. 50 years from now historians will look back and say 2020 was the year nature breathed for months

  5. Still stuck in place with a tiny chain though.

  6. I read that making elephants ride people is abuse and it hurts their backs and makes them live a life of misery. Elephant backs are not made like horse or camel backs.

  7. all well and good until the money runs dry.

    these domesticated elephants will be as good as dead.

  8. I feel like even though this is a bad time for humans – for nature, this is the long promised break. This could be in “The Farside” comic

  9. I’ll take some positive from all this negative.

    But not positive corona.

  10. Hello! I just left Chiang Mai, Thailand after spending 8 months there. There are multiple elephant sanctuaries within a couple hour drive from the city. While the entire time I was there, all the sanctuaries promoted “no riding” on their brochures/websites. This could very well just be a marketing tactic but of course it was nice to see.

    That being said, some sanctuaries are truly amazing and really love and care for the animals. Please don’t be turned off by the “tourism” aspect as without those funds those sanctuaries will not exist. I met another American that had moved to the village just to rehabilitate the elephants. She really did care for them and would not exploit them for a fraction of income that she would’ve made in the states.

  11. Whales in the Hudson next?

  12. The sanctuaries are being inundated with people trying to gift their elephants to them. They are all in bad shape with no money coming in. Please donate to ethical elephant sanctuaries so they can take in these elephants who will otherwise die.

  13. People who ride elephants should get eaten by bears. The end.

  14. At least some good news come out of this

  15. Bout time damn those fat fucks that pose on top of them seriously get a life.

  16. Elephant riding is most uncomfortable way to ride anything. May be only pile driver hammer is worse.

    Thailand should ban it long time ago and invent some better ways to communicate with these intelligent creatures.

  17. Won’t last. As soon as tourism goes up, they’ll be caught again. And how would they know how to survive if actually freed?

    I’m calling BS.

  18. Seeing nature rebound like this after the global shutdown really gives me hope. It is nice news to read when all I am seeing is a body count grow and grow.

    Makes me wish we could do a shutdown once per year to let nature catch up. Or maybe we will have a permanent cultural shift that allows for a cleaner planet.

  19. UNTIL THE TOURISTS COME BACK, that is not permanent.

  20. “[We] will try to take the best care of the elephants for as long as we can”. There’s the reality. They’ll die. I’m against animals being used as entertainment too; the harsh reality is there’s no room in the world for animals that humans don’t need for food or to take funny photos of.

  21. Elephants: fuck you humans

  22. Things an elephant go to to break them so they can be ride by tourists

  23. with business down they can’t feed the elephants or pay for guides and people to tend to them

    so they just fired everybody and set the elephants free to take care of themselves.

    when the tourists come bad, it will all go back the way it was

  24. Plot twist: we’ve been the virus the entire time. Corona is the good guy trying to kill the bad guy.

  25. I wonder which ones will survive?

  26. Corona is fixing the world!

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  28. Finally some good news!!

  29. Tourists that pay and ride elephants can go fuck themselves.

  30. Why do you care about elephants but not pigs?

  31. Those look like roller coaster cars.

  32. We gotta get Bruce Willis to make 12 Elephants.

  33. Hope they still get 80% pay.

  34. President Trunk Rally

  35. So… we’re saying the planet and ecosystem is better off than before… lol

  36. Great now they’re gonna get turned into elephant stew

  37. I hope this is for real. Like I could understand if you have an elephant and ride it occasionally, maybe let friends ride it once in awhile. Occasional riding isn’t the problem. It’s the day in, day out, constantly having someone on their backs, being treated like a source of profit instead of an individual animal.

  38. Now I’m going to be haunted by the mental image of elefinks applying for unemployment.

  39. I went to Thailand twice and seeing the slave elephants in the streets of Bangkok and in the North were real fucking downers.

    I refused to ride. Wouldn’t let my buddies.

    To see such smart animals be tortured.

    It was sickening.

    Also got to tell a vendor I didn’t want to touch his monkey when he kept trying to get me to pet it…. that was a fun moment.

  40. >She said: “The cost for taking care of the 78 elephants and 300 staff is five million THB (130,399GBP) per month. So for now, we have to bear that expense without income from tourists.

    >In Chiang Mai, where there are 93 elephant camps of varying size, officials said that 85 of them were facing closure unless the situation improved. Boontha Chailert, president of the Chiang Mai Tourism Business Association and the Maetaeng Elephant Park, said hundreds of other elephant centres around Thailand were also facing closure due to the lack of tourists.

    With the enormous cost and no revenue coming in, I am very worried about the future of these elephants.

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