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During the course of the arrests of dozens … Anti-racism protests continue in several American cities

Anti-racism marches continued in Louisville, Kentucky, a day after two policemen were shot during protests sparked by a jury’s decision not to press charges for murder against officers involved in a raid in which Briona Taylor, a black medical worker, was killed.

Louisville Police Chief Robert Schroeder said he expected the protests to continue for several days, and the night curfew was extended until early next week.

He said that a suspect in the incident was detained among the 127 arrested during the demonstrations, most of them for violating curfews or disobeying orders to disperse.

Hundreds of protesters returned to the streets of Louisville, the largest city in Kentucky – on Thursday evening, and many waved their fists in the air chanting “No peace without justice.”

The protests began on Wednesday shortly after the jury decided not to press charges with the murder of any of the three white police officers who jointly fired 32 bullets when raiding Taylor’s apartment.

Kentucky State Attorney Daniel Cameron announced the grand jury’s decision in Louisville not to prosecute the officers who shot in Taylor’s apartment on March 13th, because their use of force during the raid was justified.

Demonstrators continue their protests despite the night curfew being extended (Getty Images)

Taylor, 26, was killed in front of her boyfriend, who was armed, after midnight in her apartment, after officers stormed the place with a search warrant.

Her boyfriend Kenneth Walker said he fired a warning shot, because he feared it was a criminal act, and the police officers did not hear.

The cities of New York and Philadelphia also witnessed a second night of protests on Thursday, as part of an ongoing campaign of protests in the country against police brutality and racism under the slogan “Black lives matter.”

New York City witnessed sporadic demonstrations demanding justice for Briona Taylor, and about 200 protesters gathered in front of the George Washington Memorial in Union Square, before they marched towards the residence of the New York Police Department chief.

Demonstrators chanted slogans in solidarity with blacks, demanding cuts in police funding, and calling for a response to what they see as systematic violations against blacks.

More than 300 people organized a protest in Macaren Park in the Brooklyn district, and the city also witnessed other stands and marches to protest the judicial ruling in the Briona Taylor case.

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