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Dyson is building 15,000 ventilators to fight COVID-19

Dyson is building 15,000 ventilators to fight COVID-19

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  1. From a company that makes a $549.00 curling iron the Dy$on ventilators will be $250M each

  2. At last, Dyson is doing something good.

    Although the comments from informed cynics in this post are food for thought for easily fooled dopes like me.

  3. I hope his ventilators are better than those weird Dyson Airblade urinals that spray your urine all over the place.

  4. Dyson’s hand driers are really superb at creating demand for ventilators.

  5. I look forward to it breaking after a couple of uses. Meanwhile Gtech another UK firm has offered to do it and isn’t headed by a complete cunt.

  6. One problem, they all suck

  7. The same Dyson who advocated for the Brexit and then moved the factory from the Uk to Singapore?

  8. Kudos to Boris Johnson reaching out to Dyson. My president doesn’t want to inconvenience the free market with silly requests like saving lives.

  9. The UK government rejects offers from companies that currently make ventilators in favour of a company that has never made them, while st the same time rejecting a short term EU deal to share production, all in the name of ‘Britain first’.

    The Tory government is continuing with its herd immunity plan behind a facade, disgustingly gambling with people’s lives.

  10. What’s the survival rate for the people that reach the point of needing mechanical ventilation? Seems like in many cases the pneumonia keep worsening regardless, it just keeps them alive longer.

  11. That’s great – is he sharing the design for free so other companies can manufacture it?

  12. As in Miles Dyson? Employee of Skynet?

  13. Fun fact – Dyson vacuums used to void warranties for a number of carpet manufacturers because of how rough their machines were on carpets.

    Hopefully, that doesn’t carry over to these ventilators… We don’t need popped lungs…

  14. They will cost 25 times what a normal one costs, do a marginally better job, and be incompatible with industry standard parts.

  15. Why stop there? Also, it is time to remove all profit from the production of vital medical equipment and PPE products until the end of this crisis. Honestly things like this should be state produced as basic needs for all countries all the time.

  16. haha they’ll inflate your lungs in like a nanosecond. their motors are super strong

  17. Are they going to cost hundreds, possibly thousands more than standard ventilators? From this company’s history of business practice, I imagine this is the case. I hope it isn’t.

  18. So if right now your country is missing 15000 ventilators this is good news, bit 3 days from now it’ll need 30000.

    Unless we can start ramping productuon exponentially, it all feels a bit futile.

  19. Yes, but they will cost $235,000 each.

  20. The same Dyson that announced an electric car that was never built?

  21. From personal experience, it will be cheaply made and not last long.

  22. I’m glad I bought a vacuum cleaner from them.

    They know how to suck!

  23. But what is Dr. David Oreck up to?


    I hear he weeps over each vacuum cleaner design for 7 days before falling gently to sleep in a puddle of tears and blueprints in order to perfect each one.

  24. A Dyson digital motor inflating my lungs, shit they’ll explode. Plus itll cost the Gov a lot of money.

  25. Either your lungs will get sucked out, or they’ll explode from too much air.

  26. Patients will hover between it .. no contact ventilators

  27. Damn, stop hating y’all. Help is help right now.

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