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Early signs of crisis … Koeman loses confidence in Barcelona’s administration

Dutch coach Ronald Koeman has tried to instill optimism in Barcelona since taking over the leadership of the team about a month ago, but what is going on behind the scenes presents a different picture from what the coach’s statements convey to the media.

And the Spanish newspaper MARCA (MARCA) stated that Koeman conveyed concerns to close to him about the way the Catalan club’s management has been dealing during the last period.

The Dutch coach feels that he was left alone to face a difficult reality, in light of multiple crises due to the exit of a number of players, and the absence of deals he demanded in order to strengthen the team’s ranks before the start of the current season.

In this atmosphere, Koeman lost confidence in the administration, which did not meet his ambitions, despite the approaching return of the team to the competition against Villarreal in the league next Sunday.

Despite the implementation of Coman’s requests to get rid of a number of players, including Arturo Vidal, Luis Suarez and Ivan Rakic, the Barcelona administration did not succeed in resolving any of the deals requested by Koeman, most notably the contracting of Liverpool FC Vinaldom and Lyon’s French striker Memphis Depay.

The match against Villarreal will be the first real test for Koeman, and fans are waiting for how the Dutch coach’s team will appear, about two months after the last official match, which ended in a historic defeat by Bayern Munich 2-8 in the Champions League quarter-finals.

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