1. > mAB114, is derived from a single antibody recovered from the blood of a person who survived Ebola in the DRC in 1995

    Damn, I mean it’s amazing a drug with 90% success is awesome, but it gives me anxiety thinking that what if this person went about with his life and his blood or the fact that he could survive ebola weren’t even be noticed

    Also makes me think we could just be sitting here just waiting for some dude with crazy resistances to be born so we could cure cancer or whatever, could be far or so close, so little control..

  2. > In order for these treatments to work, its important that a patient receive REGN-EB3 or mAB114 shortly after they were initially infected with Ebola. This could present a problem, however, given that an individual can have the virus coursing through their veins for days without showing any symptoms. Still, it’s a wonderful start.

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