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Egypt closes Regeni’s case .. so is the story over?

Time and time again, the Egyptian Public Prosecution statements add to the case of the murder of Italian doctoral student Giulio Regeni mysterious, as well as the chances of knowing the perpetrators, but in return it seems to increase the determination of the Italian government and people to know the truth.

This is what was evident in the Italian Foreign Ministry’s statement in response to the Egyptian Public Prosecution’s statement a few days ago, regarding the killing and torture of Regeni, as the statement described the Egyptian Attorney General’s statements as “unacceptable,” indicating Rome’s refusal to close the case in the way Egypt desires.

Italy said it would continue to move in international forums, including the European Union, to uncover the circumstances of Regeni’s death and punish the perpetrators, calling on the Egyptian authorities to share information on the case, in order to reach the truth.

In statements to Al-Jazeera Net, European and Italian deputies renewed their rejection of the statement of the Egyptian Public Prosecution, calling for continued pressure on the Egyptian government, and serious consideration of imposing economic sanctions, especially as it puts the Italian government in front of an adult challenge and embarrassment, but relations between the two countries will not be at stake.

Italian refused and Egyptian refused

In mid-December, Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio had hinted that his country would ask European countries to “take a unified position in order to uncover the truth about Regeni” in the Egyptian capital four years ago.

The Egyptian Public Prosecutor issued a statement – last Wednesday – in which he said, “There is no point in instituting criminal proceedings in the case of the killing, detention and physical torture of Regeni, because the perpetrator is not known, while the search authorities are assigned to carry out the investigation.”

As well as excluding from the papers what was attributed to 4 officers and a police officer in the national security sector in that incident, indicating that all that was raised by the Italian investigation authority are suspicions based on erroneous conclusions that are not accepted by logic and do not rise to the rank of evidence.

Rather, the Public Prosecutor went further, accusing “anonymous” of kidnapping, torturing and killing “Regeni” in order to place the accusation on members of the Egyptian General Security, in conjunction with their preoccupation with securing vital installations (on the anniversary of the January 25 revolution).

According to European parliamentarians who spoke to Al-Jazeera Net, the Italian government’s options are concentrated in resorting to the European Union to impose sanctions on Egypt, and its continued pressure on the Egyptian government to bring the perpetrators to justice, and to proceed with the trial of the suspected Egyptian officers.

Economic sanctions on Egypt

Member of the European Parliament, Massimiliano Smerli, called on the Italian government to insist on knowing the truth and achieving justice in the Regeni case, noting that Egypt must be held accountable not only before Italy, but before the entire international community.

In statements to Al-Jazeera Net, he stressed that the continued strong diplomatic pressure on the Egyptian government must be preserved, and Europe – which defends the rule of law and global human rights – must play its role.

He added, “In my opinion, without revealing the truth, Europe must take into account the possibility of imposing economic sanctions on Egypt.”

On December 18, the European Parliament voted on a draft resolution calling on European institutions to take serious steps to stop human rights violations in Egypt, in conjunction with the escalation of the murder case of Italian researcher Giulio Regeni in Egypt in 2016.

On 30 November last, the “Prosecutor of the Republic in Rome” announced that 5 members of the Egyptian security services were suspected of being responsible for the killing of the Italian student, while the Egyptian prosecution in a statement at the time made reservations about suspicion of security personnel, and talked about “forming a gang” for the purpose of theft that is used Forged security documents.

Regeni’s murder is a state act

Regarding the reason for the Egyptian Public Prosecution closing the file of Regeni’s murder despite the continuing Italian requests for the Egyptian side to cooperate, the Italian MP, Michelle Brass, considered that “the statement of the Egyptian Public Prosecution did not carry anything new, and what was stated in it is completely in line with the dismal position that the Egyptian regime has always taken regarding Regeni’s case. “

Speaking to Al-Jazeera Net, he added that after years of lies, misdirection and cover-up, we never believe in change. We learned from day one that the kidnapping and murder of Regeni was the work of the state. We had crucial testimonies in the Regeni Parliamentary Inquiry Committee, which works with the judicial authorities.

The Italian deputy said that in the case of right – like Italy – the premise of incorrect conclusions should be determined by legal procedures, and not by other people’s opinion.

He ruled out that the issue puts the relations between the two countries to the test, adding that we have waited for a long time for Egyptian cooperation in this terrible issue, but we are not prepared to wait any longer.

Policy issue run by the highest authority

Political analyst Mohamed Ramadan considered that the case of Regeni’s murder is purely political and is run by the highest authority in the country, and it is clear that the Egyptian authorities seek to cover up the real perpetrator, who appears to be behind the direction of the suspected officers by the Italian investigation authorities, so the public prosecution is not expected to change. Egyptian position under any pressure.

In his speech to Al-Jazeera Net, he confirmed that the similar and consecutive data strongly indicate the collusion of the Egyptian judiciary with the executive authorities in order to conceal the truth that they possess, which is known to everyone else in a country that is witnessing a sharp deterioration in the human rights file.

And what is expected from the Italian government – according to Ramadan – is to exert more pressure through the European Union, in order to urge or force the Egyptian authorities to cooperate in the Regeni case, and to hand over those accused of his murder to the Italian judiciary.

But he played down the negative impact of this on the strategic relations between Egypt and Italy, stressing that what is preventing this so far is the economic interests and the size of the sacrifices that Sisi made to Italy, which aimed to buy the silence of the Italian government, but the public opinion and Regeni’s family returned the case again to Facade, which put the Italian government in a critical situation, and it must deliver justice to its citizen.

The Italian researcher, Giulio Regeni, was killed in 2016, after he disappeared on January 25 of the same year, and his body was found a few days later in early February, and the Egyptian authorities denied that police officers were involved in his killing.

The Egyptian police announced about two months after the incident – specifically on March 25, 2016 – that a gang of 5 people had been killed, and they were formally accused of kidnapping and killing Regeni, and claiming at the time that they were keen to arrest them, but they initiated the shooting, and responded to them. Killing them all.

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