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Egypt condemns the attack by Ethiopian forces and militias on Sudan, and the Revolutionary Front declares its support for the army

Egypt affirmed its full condemnation and solidarity with Sudan after Sudanese army elements were ambushed by Ethiopian forces and militias, which led to deaths and injuries.

The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in an official statement, “The Arab Republic of Egypt extends its sincere condolences to the brotherly Sudan for the victims of the unfortunate assault on the Sudanese Armed Forces on the evening of Tuesday, December 15, 2020, in the Jabal Abu Tayyour region adjacent to the Ethiopian border.”

The statement stressed that Egypt supports Sudan’s full right to protect its security and exercise its sovereignty over its lands, and stresses the need to take all possible measures to prevent such events from happening again in the future.

In this context, the Sudanese “Revolutionary Front” announced today, Thursday, its “unlimited” support for its country’s army in the face of the repeated border attacks.

The front (a group of armed movements) added in a statement, more than two months after the signing of the peace agreement in Juba with the Sudanese government on the third of last October, that it is standing in one trench with the Sudanese army in order to protect the sovereignty of Sudan, land and people.

“The Front condemns in the strongest terms the incidents of treachery and treachery committed by the Ethiopian forces and militias against the Sudanese Armed Forces (…), which caused losses in lives and equipment,” the statement added.

The Revolutionary Front includes 3 armed rebel movements: “Sudan Liberation” and “Justice and Equality” in the Darfur region (west), and “Popular Movement – North” in the states of South Kordofan (south) and Blue Nile (southeast).

Sudanese army soldiers on the border with Ethiopia (social networking sites)

Armed ambush

On Wednesday, the Sudanese army announced the loss of life and equipment, amid a military force that was ambushed by Ethiopian forces and militias in the Jabal Abu Tayyur region, located in the Quraisha locality in the state of Gedaref on the border with Ethiopia.

The Sudanese army said in a statement that “during the return of our forces from combing our lands, they were ambushed by Ethiopian forces and militias inside Sudanese territory, and as a result, losses of lives and equipment occurred.”

The army confirmed that it is capable of resolving any hostile movements within the Sudanese borders, and will not allow its lands to be invaded, adding that its forces are following the flow of Ethiopian refugees into Sudanese territory and the instability in the border strip between the two countries.

He explained that among the steps taken by the Sudanese army after the outbreak of the war in the Ethiopian Tigray region, it had redeployed and opened up in areas within the borders of Sudan in order to prevent the parties to the conflict in Ethiopia from exploiting the Sudanese lands to launch any kind of operations, as well as to protect Sudanese lands from any threats. .

Earlier, local media outlets – including the online newspaper SudanTribune – reported that 4 people were killed, including an officer, and 12 wounded from the Sudanese army, after fierce battles with armed Ethiopian militias on the border strip between the two countries. .

And on Sunday, Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok announced that he had reached an agreement with his Ethiopian counterpart, Abiy Ahmed, to activate the meetings of the Sudanese-Ethiopian Boundary Commission, following a short visit to Addis Ababa on Saturday.

On the fifth of last November, the Sudanese authorities announced the closure of the border areas in the east of the country with Ethiopia until further notice due to the security tensions in the Ethiopian Tigray region.

Last May, the Sudanese army announced that an Ethiopian militia backed by its army had attacked Sudan’s land and resources, resulting in the killing of a captain, wounding 7 soldiers, and the loss of another, in addition to the killing of a child and wounding 3 civilians.

The number of Ethiopian refugees arriving in eastern Sudan has risen to more than 52,000, according to what the Sudanese authorities announced on Monday.

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