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Egypt .. Demands for maximum penalties for the perpetrators in the case of the killing of the Maadi girl

The pioneers of social media in Egypt demanded that the maximum penalties be imposed on the perpetrators in the case of killing a girl named Mary in the Maadi area in Cairo, after harassing her, dragging her and running over her with a taxi.

And local media reported that Cairo Investigations were able to reveal the identity of the people accused of killing the girl, and to arrest the driver of the used car.

The official Middle East News Agency reported that the Public Prosecution began an investigation into the incident, and that it obtained 5 video clips, indicating that an eyewitness asked about the circumstances of the incident, and that another girl was summoned who was talking with the victim when the attack occurred.

The agency said that the Public Prosecution received a report yesterday evening, Wednesday, from the emergency operations room in the Maadi Police Department, about the death of the victim in the neighborhood, and that a witness informed the police of seeing a small white passenger bus carrying two people, where the driver’s escort snatched Mariam’s bag, which led to it colliding with a parked car and then Her death.

According to the testimonies of the witness who was asked about the incident, the victim stayed for about half an hour at the scene of the accident until the arrival of the ambulance, then she died.

The communication sites published an image showing two people who were arrested for their involvement in the assault on Maryam, 24, a bank employee, while she was returning home.

The incident brought back the facts of harassment to the face of interactions in Egypt, where the tweeters expressed the suffering of women and girls in the country from the spread of the phenomenon.

It is worth noting that Egypt is witnessing a wave of rejection against the practices of violence and harassment against women, and calls for new legislation to protect women victims.

Source : Sanad Service + Social Media + Middle East Agency

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