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Egypt .. Demonstrations continue to the fifth day, and anticipate before the Friday of Anger

Egyptian businessman and artist Muhammad Ali said that the number of demonstrators against the deteriorating living conditions in Egypt is increasing day by day, which, according to him, predicts the success of the so-called Friday of Anger demonstrations, which is expected today.

In a new recording published on his Facebook page, Muhammad Ali said that the demonstrators during the past days in various Egyptian villages and governorates gave the courage to large groups of the Egyptian people to demonstrate forcefully against the policies of the Egyptian authorities during today’s demonstrations.

Yesterday, for the fifth day in a row, demonstrations condemning the deterioration of living conditions were renewed in several areas of Giza Governorate and in Beni Suef, in protest against the deterioration of living conditions, amid calls for demonstrations under the slogan “Friday of the Wrath of September 25,” while photographs were published showing the release of security forces Shots at demonstrators on Wednesday evening, Giza Governorate.

The authorities have arrested numbers of demonstrators, 150 of them appeared before the State Security Prosecution, while Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly announced the extension of the deadlines for receiving requests in the reconciliation file related to building violations for a month, that is, until the end of next October, and he pledged that the state would not demolish any property. Inhabited.

Egyptian activists broadcast a video of the Central Security Forces soldiers firing live bullets from automatic firearms, in an attempt to disperse the demonstrators last Wednesday.

The demonstrators clashed with the soldiers and threw stones at them during the dispersal of a protest in the village of Kafr Qandil in Giza Governorate.

Dozens of village residents went out to demand the departure of Sisi, and condemned the military ruling.

Egyptians also demonstrated against Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in the village of Mansouriya in Giza Governorate, and protesters chanted against Sisi, demanding his departure.

On the other hand, dozens of lawyers organized a protest stand in front of the General Bar Association headquarters in downtown Cairo to condemn the application of the value-added tax law to them.

The lawyers said that they provide a service of justice and defend the Egyptian people. They do not sell a commodity that requires the application of the value-added tax, and put obstacles in the way of carrying out their legal and constitutional duties.

Lawyers had organized a previous sit-in last Thursday, and called on the General Bar Council to hold an emergency session to stop the implementation of the law, which they described as a collection law, and threatened escalatory steps in the event that it was not stopped.

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