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Egypt, Greece and Cyprus agreed on our hostility

Yassin Aktay, advisor to the president of the Justice and Development Party, said that the statement issued by the three countries was clear that the agreement signed by Egypt, Greece and Cyprus aimed at enmity with Turkey, and the accusations they accused of Turkey were not true.

In statements to the episode (10/21/2020) of the “Beyond the News” program, he added that Egypt, Greece and Cyprus have nothing to do with the agreements that Turkey signed with Libya, and it has nothing to do with the Turkish intervention in Syria. Because Turkey went to Syria to protect its national security and protect the Syrians who asked it to intervene.

He stressed Turkey’s conviction that these countries are accusing them with the aim of preventing them from exploiting their resources in the Mediterranean.

He rejected Cairo’s talk that Syria and Libya are Arab countries. Consequently, Turkey has no right to interfere in their affairs, pointing out that Turkey is the country that embraces the persecuted Arabs in their countries, and that it offered the Arabs what their countries did not provide, which robbed them of their rights.

Cyprus, Greece and Egypt had criticized at the conclusion of the summit that gathered the leaders of the three countries in Nicosia, what it called the illegal practices of Turkey, and the Egyptian President stressed at the conclusion of the summit the agreement of its parties on the need to confront what he called escalatory policies that destabilize the region.

On the other hand, writer and political analyst Majdi Shendi said that the summit was discussing 3 axes: One of these axes is the countries bordering the Mediterranean such as Syria and Libya, and the two countries are Arab, and there is no justification for Turkish intervention in them other than the occupation.

He added that Egypt has no problem dividing the water borders in the eastern Mediterranean, and it is working with Turkey to demarcate the maritime borders, but Egypt’s problem is in the Turkish intervention in the Arab countries, and Egypt stabbed the Turkish regime on 30 June 2013 through the revolution that stopped the dream of Islam. The politician in ruling the region with Turkish support.

For his part, the researcher on Arab and Islamic world issues, Salah al-Qadri, said that what brought the three countries together is their common hostility to Turkey, and these countries sought through many agreements to put Turkey in front of a fait accompli, but Turkey decided to turn the balance and put these countries in front of the matter sites through its intervention In Syria or Libya.

He said that the Turkish intervention in northern Iraq or northern Syria or in Libya has turned the balance, and that the Turkish intervention between Azerbaijan and Armenia has turned the balance, and put everyone before a fait accompli.

He stressed that the agreements between the three countries are concerned with energy in the eastern Mediterranean, and the one affected most by the previous agreements to demarcate the maritime borders, Egypt.

Cypriot President Nikos Anastas Yadis had reassured – at the start of a press conference that followed the tripartite summit that he had gathered in Nicosia with his Egyptian counterpart Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, and Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis – that this summit was not directed against a specific country, before the three leaders charged Turkey.

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