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Egypt is drowning in “an inch of water” … and angry Egyptians blame the corruption of the authority

A wide wave of anger swept the social media platforms in Egypt, after the losses caused by the torrential rains in Alexandria and some governorates on Friday, killing 6 people and drowning many streets and homes.

Activists on social media circulated pictures and videos showing the streets and squares of Alexandria submerged in rainwater, in a scene that has been repeated frequently in recent years. As a result of the continued deterioration of the infrastructure, despite the fact that the authority claims to spend huge sums of up to 4 trillion pounds to repair it.

Ignore distress

While the governor and his aides appeared in the main streets and high-end areas to get rid of the torrential water that flooded them, clips were published showing the distress of Egyptian citizens in the popular neighborhoods of Alexandria after their homes and shops were drowned, amid officials’ neglect.

Tweeters indicated that the wave of bad weather comes at a predetermined date, without officials offering any radical solutions, except for talking about the unexpected amount of rain.

Tweeters chose another corner to comment on the torrents, as they denounced the waste of these large quantities of water without plans for state agencies to take advantage of it.

Activists considered that the rains of goodness that people await have turned with corruption in Egypt into ruin, death and drowning.

Bridges or septic tanks?

A number of activists compared the interest of the President of the Republic, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, in the projects of establishing the new administrative capital, and building a large number of bridges, in exchange for ignoring urgent infrastructure problems such as sewage and rainwater drainage, although it is a chronic problem in which dozens of innocent people are killed annually.

Activists reminded Sisi’s statement in November 2019 that the state had spent more than 4 trillion pounds (about $ 250 billion) on the country’s infrastructure, without showing any tangible improvement.

Tweeters indicated that the regime has no intention to solve this problem, under the pretext of the high cost, referring to the statements of a cabinet spokesman in October 2019 that the cost of establishing a rain drainage network in Greater Cairo only requires 300 billion pounds, which is not commensurate with With heavy rains in just a day or two throughout the year, he said.

Justifications and atrocities

Some commentators on the communication sites ridiculed the officials’ justifications whenever a similar disaster occurred, recalling the authority’s announcement in 2015 of the arrest of what it described as a terrorist organization to block the Alexandria sinks.

While others ruled out that those responsible for this recurring disaster would be held accountable, and they expected that the authority would be satisfied with flimsy justifications and scandals that exempt from accountability for failure, while the procedures do not go beyond giving leave and urging citizens to stick to their homes and not leave, without there being a radical solution to this the crisis.

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