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Egypt suffocates in Corona … deaths due to lack of oxygen, the authorities deny, and the prosecution is investigating

Egypt is suffocating, this is how some of the pioneers of social media have expressed the escalation of the Corona crisis in the country, especially with a crisis in oxygen cylinders and their high prices, and with scenes of the death of Corona patients due to lack of oxygen in two separate hospitals, which was denied by the health authorities and said that the deaths came due to complications HIV infection, while the Public Prosecution announced an investigation into the case.

The pioneers of the communication sites were distressed by the scenes of oxygen shortage of patients infected with the Corona virus inside the intensive care rooms of Al-Hussainiya Hospital in the Sharkia Governorate, which led to the death of patients and a state of panic among nurses and families.

The clip showed attempts to resuscitate patients in intensive care, amid a state of fear and confusion that dominated the medical staff, and the repeated announcement of patients’ deaths.

And local media quoted testimonies of families saying that hospital staff refused to transport patients and put them on backup oxygen tubes, which led to the deterioration of their health.

On the other hand, the doctors of Al-Hussainia Hospital said in a video circulating on the local pages that the death toll reached two due to late health conditions, which had nothing to do with neglect or the lack of oxygen that occurred.

Hisham Masoud, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in the governorate, said that the deceased cases in Al-Hussainiya Hospital did not die due to lack of oxygen, but rather a “fate and destiny,” noting that he formed a technical committee to find out the cause of the deaths, and asked the media to be careful about what was published.

For his part, Mamdouh Ghorab, the governor of Sharqia, confirmed that the oxygen fed to Corona patients in intensive care is the same as the one for nurseries and public care, and at the time of the deaths, the oxygen car was feeding the hospital tank, which means that there is no shortage or run out of oxygen, in addition to that there is a backup network for use In the event of any problem in the oxygen tank, and health services are provided in a satisfactory manner.

The governor decided to refer the security company official at Al-Hussainiya Hospital for investigation, alleging that he caused confusion for allowing an individual to enter isolation care and photograph patients.

Although the authorities denied the death due to lack of oxygen, judicial sources confirmed that the Public Prosecution ordered an investigation into the accident, andShe asked the mabahith to make the necessary investigations to determine the cause of death, according to what was reported by local newspapers.

The interesting thing is that what happened at Al Husseiniya Hospital was repeated at dawn yesterday, Saturday, at Zifta General Hospital in the Gharbia Governorate, and citizens circulated scenes of deaths in intensive care, and said it was due to lack of oxygen.

But the Ministry of Health denied the news of the death of 5 people due to lack of oxygen, and said that there were two deaths that occurred due to the deterioration of health from complications from infection with the Coronavirus.

The controversy over the cause of death and the anger of the pioneers of the communication sites, and the circulation of scenes of panic, prompted the Public Prosecution to announce the investigation of the reported incident, to ascertain whether it occurred intentionally or negligently, and explain the cause of the death of the two cases.

In turn, a member of the Doctors Syndicate, Ihab al-Taher, demanded that those responsible for the oxygen crisis in hospitals be brought to justice.

The state of panic and the shocking scenes that Egyptians watched during the past hours, prompted activists to anger and interact with the event, and some of them launched hashtags that topped the list of the most popular, such as (#Husseinieh Hospital) and (#Centric Care).

Tweeters talked about what they described as the accumulated government negligence in dealing with the Corona crisis transparently, and others spoke that the lack of oxygen is no longer limited to hospitals, as their prices have risen sharply and there is a kind of black market for selling oxygen cylinders.

What was most circulated in this context and aroused sympathy and anger among the pioneers of communication sites, a picture of a doctor or one of the intensive care workers sitting on the ground in a state of collapse due to the inability to save the patients, amid the confusion of the medical staff and the panic of the people.

Some blamed the neglect of citizens and failure to adhere to precautionary measures, while others accused the regime and President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi of neglecting the health of Egyptians and continuing to spend billions on weapons and real estate projects.

Source : Egyptian Media + Al Jazeera + Sanad Agency + Social Media Sites

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