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Egypt .. Wait for the second Friday of Anger and the continuing campaigns of arrests and raids on homes

Egyptian activists called for a demonstration today in Tahrir Square in Cairo under the slogan “The Second Friday of Anger”, to protest against the deterioration of living conditions and the suppression of the police apparatus, this comes in light of the continuing campaigns of arrests and raids of homes.

On the other hand, pro-regime parties in Egypt called for a gathering in the main squares today, in all cities, to celebrate the “October victory”, and in support of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

A state of security alert and alert prevailed yesterday, Thursday, ahead of possible demonstrations called by the opposition contractor Muhammad Ali, in protest against economic conditions that culminated in a government campaign to demolish real estate under the pretext of building them without permits unless their owners pay heavy financial fines.

Muhammad Ali – residing in Spain – issued a call to rally in the squares of Egypt, especially Tahrir Square (central Cairo), under the name “Friday of Victory”, and said through a video clip on his Facebook account that a protest in Tahrir Square would convey the voice of the Egyptians’ anger to the world, unlike the demonstration In villages and hamlets in the governorates.

In the past days, demonstrations took place in dozens of Egyptian villages and neighborhoods, but they were concentrated in Upper Egypt, rural areas and the outskirts of the capital, while no demonstrations took place in major cities or the heart of Cairo, especially Tahrir Square, which was the beating heart of the January 25, 2011 revolution that toppled the late president. Hosni Mubarak after 30 years in power.

Tweeters and activists launched a hashtag entitled # Friday of Victory for the People of Egypt, which was remarkably popular with other hashtags against the authority, including # Al-Dakhiliyah_Beltia and # We are all Awais_Rawi, in reference to the Egyptian citizen who was killed in Luxor.

Fueling calls to demonstrate

The killing of al-Rawi by police forces on Wednesday in the Awamiya area of ​​Luxor Governorate, and the ensuing clashes between the police and protesting citizens, came to fuel calls for demonstrations and increases tension.

Since the day before yesterday, Wednesday, Egyptian tweeters have published video clips of bloody clashes between demonstrators and security forces in protest of the killing of a young man named Aweys Al-Rawi by a gunshot to the head due to his objection to his brother’s arrest and insulting his father.

Demonstrators in the village of Awamiya in Luxor Governorate also chanted against Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi in conjunction with the funeral of a dead person shot dead by the police and chanted, “There is no God but God and Sisi is the enemy of God.”

Egyptians expressed their anger and discontent over the increase in assaults and the killing of innocent people, and shared video clips from the narrator’s funeral, calling for mass demonstrations on Friday to demand the fall of the regime.

Tweeters considered that the current system does not benefit from the experiences that Egypt went through and from the revolutions that came after the attacks on unarmed demonstrators.

The authorities did not announce any arrests of demonstrators during the recent protests, but the local media spoke in separate news of arresting people in possession of incendiary devices for the purpose of causing riots, or inciting to block roads.

Tweeters in Egypt interacted with the hashtag # Friday of Victory with hundreds of videos of the night demonstrations, amid a campaign of random arrests and searches of cell phones for passers-by, in conjunction with the intensification of security restrictions in the main squares.

Source : Al Jazeera + Sanad service + social networking sites

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