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Egyptian lawyer demands China pay $10 trillion in coronavirus damages

Egyptian lawyer demands China pay $10 trillion in coronavirus damages

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  1. So $51 billion per country?

  2. China… “Checks in the mail”

  3. As an Egyptian, don’t take this seriously at all. To explain, there’re a punch of idiots who like to sue such stuff for publicity and that’s it, he won’t follow a logical proceduers or have even a half decent argument and it’ll end up with nothing.

  4. This is gonna be thrown out instantly, the whole case is based on this guy believing that Covid-19 is a Chinese made biological weapon meant to conquer the world.

  5. Breaking news: An Egyptian lawyer has just been reported missing.

  6. LOL, did he stick his pinky finger in his mouth?

  7. My neighbour wants 50 trillions and my dog demands only 1 trillion.

  8. if China actually accepted all of these demands, it would bankrupt their nation, and they would likely begin a nationalization movement on the radical side of things. sound familiar? except this one has a bunch of ICBMs and hypersonic missiles…

    so yeah.. not gonna happen unless these countries have actual leverage. And Egypt has very little leverage. in fact, isn’t Egypt run by the military junta and barely a functional state right now?

  9. Yes, surely they will pay that no questions asked.

  10. China: Demand all you want

  11. Wait until Israel seeks backpay for their pyramid contracting services.

  12. Sure buddy, they’re certainly prepping the money bags as we speak…

  13. How does this one get upvoted to the top? Sure it’s funny but man is it dumb and make this subreddit look like idiots.

  14. China : *starts war*

    No I dont think I will

  15. CAIRO: Social media users in Egypt have shared an injunction issued by an Egyptian lawyer to Chinese President Xi Jinping calling on China to pay $10 trillion due to the damages caused by the coronavirus in Egypt


    UK Think-Tank Seeks Global Solidarity to Sue China for $6.5 Trillion for ‘Covering up Coronavirus


  16. I’d like to imagine this isn’t even a legal filing and the demand is just a demand. I have this cartoonish mental image of a guy in a suit ranting and raving in front of the pyramids demanding that China pay him *now*!

  17. Internet rando demands china pay billion gazillion dollars as compensation.

  18. Is he going to use the Chewbacca defence?

  19. Everyone on earth gets $128. It’d be like that episode of Futurama where everyone gets 300 Nixon bucks. Looking forward to my 128 cups of coffee

  20. This guy going for that sweet 30% in legal fees lmao.

  21. i guess china would rather have war with egypt for much cheaper cost

  22. Egyptian lawyer/ Dr evil

  23. That’s 128 Billion for each of the 78 corpses in Egypt.

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