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Egyptians in Biden’s campaign … an eye on Sisi and another for America’s crises

Americans of Egyptian origin participated in the election campaign for US President-elect Joe Biden, and their eyes are looking to the future of his relations with the Egyptian regime that Biden attacked during the election campaigns, while the other eye is on the American interior, especially the problems of the Arab and Muslim community.

Al-Jazeera Net approached the experience of some of these people to find out the reasons for their support for Biden, and their joy at the results that ousted President Donald Trump, who sparked controversy internally with decisions that were widely criticized, especially his handling of the Corona pandemic, as well as his support for dictatorial regimes, including the regime of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, according to their opinion.

It is not known precisely the size of the participation of Egyptian Americans in Biden’s campaign, bearing in mind that The results of the Egypt Census 2017, issued by the Egyptian Mobilization and Statistics Authority, indicated that the number of Egyptians in the United States reached 918 thousand Egyptians residing.

And the American of Egyptian origin, Ashraf Asham Allah, a member of the Republican Party, said in an interview a few days ago with an Egyptian satellite channel that supports the Egyptian regime, that 50% of the number of Egyptians in the United States have the right to vote, indicating that the number of those present has increased to 1.5 million.

In the United States of America, there are gatherings opposing the Egyptian regime, some of which organize demonstrations and stands in front of their country’s embassy from time to time, as well as demonstrations during Sisi’s visits to Washington, and there are also supporters of the regime that the Egyptian embassy and churches are working to bring on special buses to support Sisi and stand against the opposition demonstrations.

Hope for a change

In this context, the young American of Egyptian origin, Hamza Alaa, expresses how happy he is to participate in his first election, as he participated in voting by mail.

Speaking to Al-Hazara Net, Alaa – who was previously arrested in opposition demonstrations in Egypt – says that the Egyptian issue was strongly present in front of the Egyptian Americans, and this is what prompted them to interact with Biden, support his campaign and vote for him, especially with Biden publishing his famous tweet against Sisi, and his assertion not to grant Al-Sisi, a blank check, and his frequent talk about the human rights situation in Egypt.

Hamza Alaa: I participated in my first elections and supported Biden because of his tweet against Sisi (Al-Jazeera)

In turn, the American activist of Egyptian origin, Magda Sikli, said, “I have been in the United States for decades, and I have participated in previous election campaigns, but this time was different.”

Speaking to Al-Jazeera Net, Sickley – who works as a psychiatrist and activist in Minnesota state – added: “When we were encouraging Americans to participate and vote, we talked as Americans and America’s interest first, and society and its problems that the citizen suffers from, but of course we were talking about Trump’s foreign disadvantages, especially supporting tyrants and tyrants in Arab world”.

Sikley indicated that during her participation in the Biden campaign, she spoke with prominent members of it about Egypt, the impact of Biden’s election on human rights in Egypt, and the violations, arrests, executions and imprisonment of journalists committed by the Egyptian authorities, as well as the absence of freedom of expression.

She explained that one of the reasons for her participation in Biden’s campaign is to work to brake the wheels of violence in the Arab world, especially against the Egyptian people, which are supported by the losing President Donald Trump.

The activist sent a message to President-elect Biden, saying, “I and many of those like me have hope to make America better than it was internally and externally, and work to improve America’s reputation, and your foreign policy is fair and wise, and does not tend to dictators in the Arab world in particular.”

Magda Sikley: I supported Biden to brake the wheels of violence in the Arab world (Al-Jazeera)

Enriched experiences

For his part, the American academic of Egyptian origin, Bahjat Al-Saghir, believes that his participation in the Biden campaign was an exciting and successful experiment, by demonstrating against Trump in several states.

Speaking to Al-Jazeera Net, Al-Sagheer confirmed that Trump’s support for Sisi, describing him as his favorite dictator, pushed him to support Biden, who described him as a moderate president who possesses humanitarian principles, respects human rights, and advocates effective democracy.

In the same context, the American human rights activist of Egyptian origin, Muhammad Ismail, says that his participation in the Joe Biden campaign – like other Arabs and Egyptians – comes because His support for the peoples and standing against tyrants and dictatorships in the Middle East, and from the rulers whom he mentioned Al-Sisi.

In an interview with Al-Jazeera Net, Ismail indicated that the Egyptian file is of interest to the new American administration, adding, “This is something that deserves support and support.”

He explained that he participated as a volunteer in Biden’s campaign, supported him financially in Georgia and spoke with American citizens and encouraged them to go out and participate in the vote, and he also transferred a number of them to the polling stations.

Favorite dictator

For his part, political activist in New York City, Saeed Abbasi, confirmed that the most important reason for supporting Biden is his position on the leader of the military coup in Egypt, and his previous statement not to give a blank check to Trump’s favorite dictator.

Speaking to Al-Jazeera Net, Abbasi added, “We spoke with the Biden campaign about what we have suffered over the past four years from the Trump administration turning a blind eye to what is happening from human rights violations in Egypt, and Trump’s reception of Al-Sisi at the White House and his support in an unlimited way.”

He explained that the experience of his participation was a rich one, especially with the organization of support stands and interaction on communication sites and e-mails with the aim of raising community awareness about the importance of participation.

against racism

The Egyptian issue is not the only thing that attracted them to support Biden, but the rights of the Muslim community in the United States and the opposition to Trump’s racism were also among the most important goals.

“We participated and we succeeded in bringing down Trump, who was the cause of anti-Muslim hostility in the United States,” Magda Sikley said with joy.

As Bahjat Al-Saghir said, “We have lived through 4 years of the worst of what I have seen, from inappropriate tweets, inflammatory and purely racist expressions towards foreign citizens and immigrants, support for Israel, especially recognition of Jerusalem as its capital and the transfer of the American embassy there, as well as Israel’s annexation of the Golan Heights and the deal of the century and its reflection on the Palestinian issue and displacement The people of Sinai and the Arab normalization. “

In the same context, he said, Muhammad Ismail “Joe Biden is less dangerous than Trump, who has declared his open and open hostility to Islam, as is his special advisor and son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who is clearly hostile to Muslims and Egyptians in particular.”

Saeed Abbasi stressed that the most important reason for participating in supporting Biden is Trump himself and his intense hostility from the first day to Islam and Muslims, compared to President-elect Joe Biden, whose speech was characterized by balance and was characterized by reason and patience and an attempt to unite the Americans.

Hamza Alaa also expressed his participation in Biden’s campaign for his desire to change what is happening on the American street in terms of racism, especially in the central-western states of America, and his rejection of Trump’s hatred of Muslims and immigrants in general.

Try to change

In this context, the researcher on American affairs and the Middle East, Abeer Kayed, said that the participation of a number of Americans of Egyptian origins in Biden’s campaign came as an attempt to pressure the new US administration with the human rights file and the violations committed by Sisi against opponents.

“We are waiting for Biden to take the constitutional oath and take over the presidency, and pressure groups and civil society will pay visits to Congress in order to move these files,” Kayed added in her speech to Al Jazeera Net.

She considered that Biden’s victory and his support by Egyptian Americans is a great opportunity to support human rights, which the new administration says the United States supports and supports, unlike the Trump administration.

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