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Elderly responsible for 14% of fatal road accidents in Japan in 2019.

Elderly responsible for 14% of fatal road accidents in Japan in 2019.

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  1. That’s a minority though compared to the massive elderly population of Japan. Am I wrong?

  2. But how can we stop them? They get up so damn early!!!

  3. Theyre just trying to get to country kitchen buffet

  4. I’m less afraid of old drivers than I am of 20-year-old dudes doing stunts in their Hondas

  5. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://english.kyodonews.net/news/2020/02/9ece7ca255aa-senior-drivers-responsible-for-14-of-fatal-accidents-in-2019.html) reduced by 65%. (I’m a bot)
    > The number of fatal accidents caused by drivers aged 75 or older fell to 401 in Japan in 2019, accounting for 14.4 percent of the total, slightly lower than a record high seen the previous year, police data showed Thursday.

    > By accident type among the 401 fatal incidents, 77 involved collisions with objects such as utility poles and road signs, there were 67 collisions with other vehicles when passing, 60 head-on accidents and 55 in which a car veered off the road. The agency also analyzed the causes of the 385 deadly accidents that did not involve a motorcycle, and among them, 29.9 percent, or 107 cases, were blamed on driver error.

    > The overall number of people killed in traffic accidents in 2019 fell to 3,215, the lowest level since comparable data became available in 1948, while the total number of road traffic accidents last year also decreased from the previous year to 381,237, according to the data.

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  6. It’s because they drive on the wrong side of the road /s

  7. So – https://aaafoundation.org/rates-motor-vehicle-crashes-injuries-deaths-relation-driver-age-united-states-2014-2015/

    tl:dr – young drivers are overwhelmingly responsible for more accidents. 80+ year olds have the highest rates of deaths because they’re fucking 80 what did you expect.

    I assume this parallels from the US to japan

  8. Shouldn’t the headline be “86% of fatal road accidents not caused by the elderly”?

  9. Anybody ever been to Hwy 200/Easy Street in Ocala, Fl? Same concept.

  10. I’ve seen studies before that have demonstrated that older drivers are less likely to survive in line with fitness and frailty etc so this extract struck me

    “By accident type among the 401 fatal incidents, 77 involved collisions with objects such as utility poles and road signs”

    I mean, that’s 19%, a helluva of a lot, and could even conceal people having heart attacks at the wheel or suffering some sort of incapacitation. I’m struggling to believe that Japan is breeding an army of octogenarian racing drivers, especially since the number killed over-taking is lower than those leaving the road and hitting something rigid. I do wonder how many of these impact crashes would have been survived by a younger person though, and whether the data isn’t actually capturing something else instead?

  11. If the elderly 28% of the population caused 14% of fatal accidents, that would indicate that the younger 72% caused 86% of the fatal accidents. They need to retrain their younger drivers.

  12. Which means that the elderly are safer drivers ?

    If the other people represent the 86% of accident makers.

  13. From my anecdotal experience. Young people are more likely to get into a serious crash due to stupidity and carelessness (going 100 in a 50 etc.) however the only 2 times i got into a fender bender was due to old people not being able to comprehend the traffic situation. 1st time an old lady pulled out right in front of me cause she was to focused on a car going the opposite direction, had to turn hard and ended up hitting her bumper with my fender and wheel (400 pounds to repair, she paid for it) the other time I was stuck in a traffic queue on a down slope when an old lady rolled into me and then told me that I reversed uphill into her! She was going so slowly she couldn’t feel movement of her car and thought I was the one reversing! So while young people are dangerous, old people should renew their medical tests and have their driving skills reevaluated on a regular basis.

  14. We should make all drivers, world wide, when they hit the ripe old age of 80, drive smart cars made of plastic! That way: cheap fuel, easy to supply parts, if they wreck they only hurt themselves.

  15. What portion of the drivers are they?

    Seems nominal.

  16. It’s crazy I’m living in Japan & the number of accidents you hear on the news is worrying.

  17. What’s the number for young drivers?

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