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End of the longest flight ban in the history of flying … America allows the flight of a Boeing 737 Max

On Wednesday, the United States lifted a 20-month ban on Boeing 737 Max planes, alleviating a safety crisis that tarnished the giant’s reputation and grounded hundreds of planes.

And the head of the US Federal Aviation Administration signed Steve Dickson, An order to lift the longest flying ban in commercial aviation history.

The department has released final details of the software, system and training updates that Boeing and airlines need to complete before passenger transportation can resume.

The agency said Boeing should review crew procedures and complete a number of tests before taking on a “flight to prepare for actual operation.”

The Boeing 737 MAX was suspended in March 2019, following two fatal accidents. The cause of the two accidents was defects in the flight control system.

Upon the resumption of flights, three sources familiar with the matter said Boeing would operate a 24-hour operations room to monitor all MAX flights in anticipation of potential problems.

The two 737 Max planes fell in Indonesia and Ethiopia within 5 months in 2018 and 2019, killing 346 people and unleashing widespread investigations, as well as affecting the leadership of the United States in the global aviation sector and cost Boeing nearly $ 20 billion.

“This aircraft is the most under scrutiny in aviation history,” Dickson told Reuters on Tuesday. “The design changes being introduced completely eliminate the possibility of an accident similar to the two accidents.” “I feel 100% confident … We have done everything human beings can do to make sure absolutely.”

US airlines can resume operating the Max commercially once the Federal Aviation Administration requirements are fulfilled, which include all pilots undergoing a simulated training session.

The decision allows 59 American airlines to operate 387 planes that have been sitting on the ground since they were suspended from flying. Meanwhile, the resumption of operations in other regions will depend on approval by other regulators around the world.

Questions remain about how quickly other regulators, especially in China, will lift their flight ban.

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